20 July 2017

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10:15 PMPrimal Fear: A high-profile murder intrigues a publicity-hungry lawyer.
12:30 AMHalloween: A psychiatrist follows an escaped psychopath's blood-soaked trail back to his hometown.
2:30 AMLet Us Prey: A mysterious stranger in a remote police station takes over the minds and souls of everyone.
4:15 AMThe Fifth Estate: WikiLeaks colleagues Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg provide support for whistle-blowers.
6:30 AMDeath Becomes Her: An actress and an author fight over a plastic surgeon and the secret of eternal beauty.
8:15 AMThe Royal Tenenbaums: An errant father tries to reconcile with his eccentric and underachieving family in New York.
10:15 AMThe Nanny Diaries: A college student goes to work for an affluent but dysfunctional family.
12:00 PMDj Vu: A time-folding federal agent falls in love with a New Orleans woman who is targeted to be murdered.
2:10 PMAssault on Precinct 13: Gunmen attack a crumbling police station to kill a gangster.
4:00 PMRampart: A veteran cop asserts his own code of justice on the streets.
5:55 PMThe Score: A master thief agrees to work with a volatile partner for one last heist before he retires.
8:00 PMErik Griffin: The Ugly Truth: The comic discusses everything from himself to society as a whole.
9:00 PMI'm Dying up Here - Girls Are Funny, Too  : Nick books a life-changing gig; Adam questions Barton about his accommodations.
10:00 PMTwin Peaks: The Return - Part 10  : Laura is the one.
11:00 PMGigolos: Nick meets a super fan and gets ready to appear on the AVN's; Ash's date is passionate.
11:30 PMGigolos: Vin and Ash contemplate cologne design; Brace has an aggressive client.