24 July 2014

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11:30 PMRidiculousness - David Spade  : David Spade; ``Stunt Butts''; ``Joe Dirts''; ``Buh-Bye.''
12:00 AMSnack-Off - On a Stick and PB&J  : Wannabe chefs try to invent a new kind of snack-on-a-stick.
12:30 AMSnack-Off - Totally Baked & French Fries  : Aspiring chefs create late night snacks using random baking ingredients and a ``Mystery Munchie.''
1:00 AMJackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5: Old Irving Zisman shocks bystanders with his crude behavior.
3:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling X  : Sterling and Chanel; ``Not the Face''; ``Code Red''; ``Obliviousness.''
3:30 AMRidiculousness - Johnny Knoxville  : Johnny Knoxville; ``Makeshift Ramps''; ``Freak Beasts''; ``Poorly Placed Kids.''
4:00 AMGirl Code: Anniversaries; strutting down the street; being embarrassed; freshman year of college.
4:30 AMGirl Code: Getting dumped; being sophisticated; working; jealousy; dealing with a creepy co-worker.
5:00 AMGirl Code: What a purse says about you; having a boyfriend; worrying about missing out.
5:30 AMGirl Code: Hair; cheating; compliments; the male member; an attractive trainer at the gym.
6:00 AMTeen Mom 2 - Keep It Together: Jenelle learns the gender of her baby; Ali becomes aware of her condition; Chelsea receives news.
7:00 AMTeen Mom 2 - When Everything Seems Wrong: Jenelle and Nathan prepare for his approaching jail time; Chelsea moves into her new house.
8:00 AMVirgin Territory: A Christian virgin is tempted by college girls; a girl parties and faces her fears.
9:00 AMGirl Code: Touching lips; being scared; snacking; tanning.
9:30 AMGirl Code: ``The Morning After''; friends of boyfriends; flirting; decorating.
10:00 AMGirl Code: Shoes; long distance relationships; do-it-yourself activities; packing for travel.
10:30 AMGirl Code: Contraception; being overly-compliant; canceling; plastic surgery; Tall Girl Code.
11:00 AMGirl Code: Pregnancy scares; mean girls; sleepovers; online dating; wearing tights as pants.
11:34 AMGirl Code: Falling in love; nail art; dealing with creepy people; fan questions.
12:08 PMRidiculousness - Fantasy Factory  : Drama, Big Black and the Fantasy Factory crew; ``Miracle Shots''; ``Gassed Up.''
12:41 PMRidiculousness - The Dudesons  : The Dudesons; ``Nudesons''; ``Fire in the Hole''; ``Human Targets.''
1:14 PMRidiculousness - Mac Miller  : Mac Miller; ``Hairy Lovestein''; ``Leap of Faith.''
1:48 PMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling II  : Chanel and Sterling; ``Save Your Drink''; ``Safety Hurts''; ``Chanel's in Training.''
2:21 PMJersey Shore - Back to the Shore: Snooki brings her friend Deena to the Shore for the summer; tensions fly on the first night back.
3:28 PMJersey Shore - It's Gonna Be an Interesting Summer: The fight between Sammi and Jwoww causes tension; Ronnie and Sammi isolate themselves.
4:34 PMJersey Shore - Where's the Beach: Sammi decides to make peace with Snooki and Deena; JWoww runs into Roger; Snooki gets arrested.
5:41 PMJersey Shore - Free Snooki: Snooki is depressed until she meets a new guy; Deena meets Ronnie's stunt double.
6:48 PMJersey Shore - Drunk Punch Love: Ronnie and JWoww make up, upsetting Sammi; Mike learns Deena's secret.
7:55 PMJersey Shore - Should We Just Break Up?: Ronnie's drinking has consequences; Snooki meets a new guy; Pauly makes peace with an old nemesis.
9:00 PMJersey Shore - Cabs Are Here: Ronnie and Sammi's relationship ends and Ronnie gets destructive.
10:00 PMJersey Shore - The Great Depression: Ronnie is a wreck when Sammi leaves; Ronnie feels alone in the house.
11:00 PMJersey Shore - Kissing Cousins: Snooki's hook-ups haunt her; Mike pranks Deena and Snooki; the guys ditch Mike.