24 May 2017

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11:32 PMRidiculousness - Justin Bieber  : Justin Bieber shows Canadian pride; Humanimals; popcorning.
12:02 AMThe Challenge - Champs Vs. Pros: Secrets and Limes  : Victor Cruz introduces 10 Challenge Champs to their newest competition: 10 professional athletes.
1:02 AMThe Challenge - Champs Vs. Pros: Settling the Scores  : The rivalry between Wes and Bananas comes to the forefront; a football game escalates into drama.
2:02 AMThe Challenge - 15 Craziest AF Unseen Moments  : Counting down the best unaired moments, including naked cast members and hilarious antics.
3:00 AMRidiculousness - Machine Gun Kelly  : Machine Gun Kelly; ``Wild Boys''; ``Fun Police''; ``Sky Coffins.''
3:30 AMRidiculousness - Smosh  : Smosh; ``Secret Commandos''; ``Shut Up''; ``Why Men Shouldn't Twerk.''
4:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XXXVIII  : Chanel and Sterling; ``Drinkovators''; ``Planet of the Vapes''; ``Taste of Death.''
4:30 AMRidiculousness - Chanel West Coast  : Chanel West Coast; ``Chanel Face''; ``Camera Assassins''; ``Laugh at Your Pain.''
5:00 AMRidiculousness - LeSean McCoy  : LeSean McCoy; ``Real McCoys''; ``Extra Personal Fouls''; ``Never Fun Losing.''
5:30 AMRidiculousness - Redfoo  : Redfoo; ``Legends of Campfoo''; ``Lights Out''; ``Party Rock'd.''
6:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Blue Christmas  : Ryan's girlfriend encourages him to communicate more with Maci about Bentley's schedule.
7:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Let's Try to Get Along  : Maci confides in Ryan's fiance about her co-parenting issues; Amber plans a fashion show.
8:00 AMTeen Mom OG - The Forever Knot  : Tyler tries to be optimistic about Butch's recovery; Farrah questions her mother's relationship.
9:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Viva Las Vegas  : Maci worries about Ryan's extracurricular activities; Catelynn and Tyler start an online boutique.
10:00 AM16 and Pregnant - Autumn: A former party-girl tries to convince her boyfriend to get clean before the baby arrives.
11:00 AM16 and Pregnant - Jennifer: A teen is eager for her parents to accept her boyfriend before the birth of her twins.
12:10 PM16 and Pregnant - Jordan: A girly girl ends up homeless after becoming pregnant.
1:20 PM16 and Pregnant - Sarah: A feud between her mother and boyfriend hinders a teen's attempt to be a parent.
2:30 PM16 and Pregnant - Maddy: A girl gets pregnant from a one-night-stand.
3:40 PM16 and Pregnant - Christinna: A football star gives up his scholarship to accommodate a new baby.
4:50 PM16 and Pregnant - Summer: Summer wants her addict mother in her life, but does not know if she believes claims of sobriety.
6:00 PMFriends - The One After the Super Bowl: Joey dates an adoring fan (Brooke Shields); Phoebe falls for a library worker (Chris Isaak).
6:30 PMFriends - The One After the Super Bowl: Ross visits Marcel on a movie set; Rachel lands a date with Jean-Claude Van Damme.
7:00 PMFriends - The One Where Ross and Rachel ... You Know: An older man (Tom Selleck) appeals to Monica; Ross and Rachel plan a tryst.
7:30 PMFriends - The One Where Joey Moves Out: Monica's folks hear gossip about Dr. Burke (Tom Selleck); Joey wants to move.
8:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Still Hooked! 
9:01 PMAre You the One: Second Chances - The Long Haul  : Testing the matches on their mutual knowledge in a race to escape from Melbourne.
10:02 PMAre You the One? - Beyond the Boom Boom Room  : Cast members reflect on five seasons.
10:33 PMPromposal - Panic at the Promposal  : Josh, with a poor track record for wooing his girlfriend, has one last chance to get it right.
11:03 PMPromposal - Promposal Pep Rally  : Whether Destini's southern charm is enough to pull off a huge pep-rally promposal.
11:33 PMMy Super Sweet 16 - Center Stage Sweet 16: Noah is a former Nickelodeon star who has been anxiously awaiting his singing debut at his Sweet 16.