27 March 2017

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11:00 PME! News
1:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - The Aftermath: In the aftermath of Paris, Kim struggles to cope with frightening reminders of the robbery.
2:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - Paris: Kourtney is eager to experience Paris Fashion Week with Kim and see Kendall walk the runway.
3:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - The Aftermath: In the aftermath of Paris, Kim struggles to cope with frightening reminders of the robbery.
4:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - We're Having A Baby!: Kim's pregnancy brings joy to the family but Kim's behavior shows she may feel differently.
5:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - Enough is Enough: Kim and Khloe defend their mother after rumors surface; Brody tries to open up to Bruce.
6:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - Agree to Disagree: Kris and Bruce have a disagreement over whether or not to have a gun in the house.
7:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - Papa, Can You Hear Me?: Bruce deals with his hearing loss; Scott hears about a woman with cancer who wants to meet him.
8:00 AMKeeping Up With the Kardashians - I Will Fix You: Kris worries about Rob's behavior; Khloe tries to figure out Kendall and Kylie's issues.
9:00 AME! News
10:00 AMMiss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous: FBI agent Gracie Hart must save two kidnapped friends in Las Vegas.
12:00 PMSex and the City - The Man, the Myth, the Viagra: Samantha pals around with a 72-year-old millionaire; a ``nice'' bartender catches Miranda's eye.
12:30 PMSex and the City - Old Dogs, New Tricks: Carrie tries to change Mr. Big; Charlotte's date is uncircumcised.
1:00 PMSex and the City - The Caste System: Miranda dumps her boyfriend; Samantha dates a rich man; Charlotte gets caught in the fast lane.
1:30 PMSex and the City - Evolution: Carrie tries to leave some things at Mr. Big's; Charlotte fears her new beau may be bisexual.
2:00 PMSex and the City - La Douleur Exquise!: Mr. Big is going to Paris; Miranda meets a new guy with exhibitionist tendencies.
2:30 PMSex and the City - Games People Play: Carrie bonds with a photographer; Samantha meets a guy who scores only when his team does.
3:00 PMSex and the City - The Sex Buddy: Carrie makes a date with her sex buddy; Samantha has sex with the couple next door.
3:30 PMSex and the City - Shortcomings: Carrie dates a writer; Miranda dates a divorced father; Charlotte's brother seduces Samantha.
4:00 PMParks and Recreation - Filibuster: An emergency late-night filibuster forces Leslie to leave Ben's birthday party early.
4:30 PMParks and Recreation - Recall Vote: On the day of the recall vote, Leslie works on a haunted house with Ben, Chris and Ann.
5:00 PMParks and Recreation - Fluoride: Leslie tries to tackle some of her goals, such as hosting an event with the Indianapolis Colts.
5:30 PMParks and Recreation - The Cones of Dunshire: Leslie faces off with Jamm; Ben gets a new hobby; Tom, April and Donna help Ron sell his cabin.
6:00 PMParks and Recreation - Second Chunce: Leslie makes plans for her future with Ben as she comes to term with her last day in office.
6:30 PMParks and Recreation - New Beginnings: Leslie and Ben start new jobs; Donna, April and Andy prank Ben; Ann and Chris consider the future.
7:00 PME! News
8:00 PMCruel Intentions: A manipulative adolescent challenges her stepbrother to ruin two sexually innocent acquaintances.
10:00 PMThe Arrangement - Crashing  : Megan struggles to figure out the next step in her career; Kyle attempts to reconnect with her.
11:00 PME! News