23 August 2014

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11:30 PMMighty Med - Lockdown  : Kaz plans a surprise birthday party for Oliver at The Domain, but there is a security lockdown.
12:00 AMMighty Med - All That Kaz  : Oliver wants to become more carefree like Kaz so he enlists a mind-altering superhero to help.
12:30 AMDoraemon - The Woodcutter's Pond; My Pet Rock  : Doraemon relates the history of a gadget that swaps out common objects.
1:00 AMPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - The Spy Who Slimed Me  : Pac gets help from an unexpected source when a spy ghost named Specter possesses Aunt Spheria's dog.
1:30 AMPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Invasion of the Pointy Heads  : Apex strikes a deal with the Netherworld to join forces.
2:00 AMFish Hooks - Fish School Musical, Parts I & II: Bea is excited and nervous for the big school play.
2:30 AMFish Hooks - Bea's Commercial; Hairanoid
3:00 AMKim Possible - Dimension Twist: Kim and Ron get sucked into the world of cable television.
3:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Sidetracked: Agent P teams up a human agent to stop a hijacked train.
4:00 AMRandy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key; McFear Factor  : Randy and Howard must sacrifice everything; Ninja must learn to control his own fear.
4:30 AMKick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Those Who Camp, Do; Dog Gone: Kick decides to go on an extreme camping trip; Mrs. Chicarelli's dog runs away.
5:00 AMKick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - For the Love of Gunther; Father From the Truth: Kick tries to help Gunther impress Wacky Jackie; Kick dreads ``Bring Your Father to School Day.''
5:30 AMUltimate Spider-Man - Beetle Mania  : Spiderman has to protect his worst critic from a high tech enemy and save Mary Jane from The Beetle.
6:00 AMSlug Terra - Roboslugs 
6:30 AMFish Hooks - Surfing the Interwet; Don't Let the Fish Drive the Pary Bus: Freshwater residents have video posts of their own on the internets; Milo thows the party.
7:00 AMThe 7D - The Long, Long Winter; Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters  : The 7D rescue the villagers of Jollywood from an eternal winter spell; Queen Delightful gets helped.
7:30 AMMickey Mouse - Croissant de Triomphe; No Service; NewYork Weenie 
7:45 AMMickey Mouse - Panda-monium; Stayin' Cool; Ghoul Friend 
8:00 AMKickin' It - Battle of Seaford Hill  : Seaford celebrates the bi-centennial of the famous victory at Seaford Hill.
8:30 AMLab Rats - Avalanche  : Chase gets trapped in an avalanche.
9:00 AMLab Rats - Perry 2.0  : Principal Perry gets the idea to create a robotic version of herself.
9:30 AMMighty Med - Two Writers Make a Wrong  : Oliver and Kaz join the writing staff to help spice up the books.
10:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - Return Policy; Imperfect Storm: Phineas and Ferb create a wind amplification device.
10:30 AMWander Over Yonder - The Party Animal; The Toddler  : Sylvia tries to stop Emperor Awesome; Wander and Sylvia find a lost baby.
11:00 AMGravity Falls - The Golf War  : Mabel challenges Pacifica to a miniature golf-off.
11:30 AMRandy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - Shoob Tube; Stanks Like Teen Spirit  : Randy and Howard get revenge on a student; A robot disguises himself.
12:00 PMG-Force
1:56 PMMickey Mouse - Cable Car Chaos  : Mickey and Minnie try to stop a runaway cable car.
2:00 PMWander Over Yonder - The Day; The Night  : Sylvia wakes up to find that she and a sleeping Wander are imprisoned on Hater's ship.
2:30 PMWander Over Yonder - The Lonely Planet; The Brainstorm  : A planet named Janet becomes obsessed with Wander; Peepers tries to brainstorm an invasion plan.
3:00 PMPhineas and Ferb - Great Balls of Water; Where's Pinky?: Candace thinks Jeremy is bored with their usual hangouts; Pinky goes missing.
3:30 PMPhineas and Ferb - Thanks But No Thanks; Troy Story: Candace discovers that a neighbor has witnessed all of Phineas and Ferb's summer antics.
4:00 PMLab Rats - Zip It  : Bree gets a part-time job at a tech store; Adam and Leo build a turbo zip-line.
4:30 PMLab Rats - Not So Smart Phone  : Chase and Adam record themselves doing bionic stunts but they lose the phone they used.
5:00 PMLab Rats - Taken  : Leo and Tasha are kidnapped by Krane, so Davenport goes on a rescue mission.
5:30 PMLab Rats - Three Minus Bree  : Bree is accepted for a high school semester abroad program but Davenport won't let her go.
6:00 PMKickin' It - Kickin' It On Our Own  : Rudy's Uncle Blake offers him a high profile job so he sells the dojo to Ty and the Black Dragons.
6:30 PMKickin' It - Kickin' It On Our Own  : When Rudy finds out what happened to the Wasabi Warriors he decides he wants the dojo back.
7:00 PMThe 7D - Sneezin' Season; The Delightful Diamond Mystery  : When Sneezy's sneezes intensify, the 7D worry he may be allergic to Grumpy.
7:30 PMPhineas and Ferb - Operation Crumb Cake; Mandace: Isabella sends a letter to Phineas admitting her true feelings; Doof invents an ``-inator.''
8:00 PMGravity Falls - Scary-oke  : The Pines family resolves to get back to normal after the Lil' Gideon incident by throwing a party.
8:30 PMWander Over Yonder - The Party Animal; The Toddler  : Sylvia tries to stop Emperor Awesome; Wander and Sylvia find a lost baby.
9:00 PMPhineas and Ferb - Excaliferb!: Phineas and Ferb set off to find the legendary sword, Excaliferb in order to defeat Millifishmirtz.
9:30 PMPhineas and Ferb - Primal Perry: Perry comes face to face with an Australian platypus hunter set out on destroying him.
10:00 PMSlug Terra - Ghoul From Beyond  : Dr. Blakk is defeated; a new danger emerges.
11:00 PMMarvel's Avengers Assemble - Crime and Circuses  : The Avengers are put in danger when the Circus of Crime comes to town.
11:30 PMMarvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. - Deathlok  : The Hulks thwart a villain from attacking a girl in the mall.