16 January 2017

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10:00 PMThe Ladykillers: A toothy British crook and his gang involve their daffy landlady in a bank caper.
12:00 AMThe Water Nymph: A man and his girlfriend play a trick at the beach. Silent.
12:17 AMThe Bangville Police: Police race to a barn to catch intruders. Silent.
12:34 AMMabel's Dramatic Career: A man's former girlfriend becomes an actress. Silent.
12:51 AMMabel's Married Life: A man and his wife get into a fight. Silent.
1:08 AMHe Did and He Didn't: A doctor becomes jealous of his wife's male friend. Silent.
1:25 AMFatty and Mabel's Simple Life
1:42 AMFatty and Mabel Adrift: Fatty and Mabel go to bed and have no idea villains set their beach house out to sea. Silent.
2:00 AMAnd the Ship Sails On: Aristocrats cruise with a soprano's ashes and fleeing Serbo-Croatian freedom fighters.
4:15 AMRomance on the High Seas: A man hires a private eye to watch his wife on a cruise, but the wife sends an impostor.
6:00 AMPrincess Tam-Tam: A married Frenchman meets a raw North African beauty and refines her, ``Pygmalion'' style.
7:30 AMSounder: A sharecropper's wife keeps the family together after he goes to prison in 1930s Louisiana.
9:30 AMBright Road: A Southern schoolteacher pays special attention to her most rebellious fourth-grader.
11:00 AMThe Jackie Robinson Story: Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey makes Robinson the first black player in major-league baseball.
12:30 PMThe Learning Tree: A teenager witnesses racism and a murder in his 1920s Kansas town.
2:30 PMA Patch of Blue: A blind white teenager, sheltered by her sleazy mother, falls in love with a kind young black man.
4:30 PMCabin in the Sky: Agents of heaven and hell fight for Little Joe's soul after his wife gets him a pardon.
6:30 PMStormy Weather: A veteran entertainer recalls his wife, his colleagues and his career from 1911 to 1936.
8:00 PMYou Got to Move: Homespun stories of change in the South.
10:00 PMFreedom on My Mind: Academy Award nominees Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford present a documentary on voting.