27 February 2017

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11:00 PMCSI: Miami - Wrecking Crew: A crane crashes into a high rise, putting Delko and Calleigh in danger.
12:00 AMCSI: Miami - Cheating Death: A man is found stabbed and handcuffed in a hotel room; a prank at the lab causes a rift in the team.
1:00 AMCSI: Miami - Gone Baby Gone: The team races the clock to find a baby kidnapped by a killer.
2:00 AMCSI: Miami - Power Trip: Horatio has to prevent a police officer from getting too close to a deadly case.
3:00 AMCSI: Miami - The DeLuca Motel: Horatio looks into Delko's past when a shooter targets the motel where Delko is staying.
4:00 AMCSI: Miami - Tipping Point: The CSI team, with the help of tipsters, fights to save a neighborhood.
5:00 AMPeter Popoff Ministries: For over 30 years Reverend Peter Popoff has provided spiritual direction.
5:30 AMSay Goodbye to Dark Spots & Dark Marks & Hello to Flawless Radiance!: I Tried It: Busy women review Specific Beauty products and share their real results.
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMMore Sex, Less Stress: Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.
7:30 AMPiYo Craze!: Define your body with PiYo. Chalene Johnson's new lower-impact workout series.
8:00 AMFREE UPGRADE to the NutriBullet Pro Whole Food Nutrition Extractor!: Unleash the power of food with a FREE UPGRADE to the NutriBullet Pro Whole Food Nutrition Extractor!
8:30 AMLifeLock Protection: Identity theft protection: learn about America's fastest growing crime & how LifeLock can help you.
9:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
9:30 AMLooking for a Medicare plan? Tune in now!: Watch and learn about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
10:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - The Faithful: A Roman Catholic sexton is found murdered in a church sanctuary.
11:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Jones: The detectives suspect an abusive lawyer (Griffin Dunne) of murdering several petite women.
12:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - The Extra Man: The detectives hunt for the person who killed a European con man who swindled investors.
1:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Poison: The detectives search for the perpetrator poisoning victims with cyanide.
2:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - The Pardoner's Tale: The detectives discover a link between two deaths, organized crime and the governor's office.
3:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - The Good Doctor: The philandering wife of an arrogant plastic surgeon disappears.
4:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Enemy Within: An arson fire engulfs a high-rise and kills an international banker.
5:00 PMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - The Third Horseman: The detectives search for the killer of an abortion provider.
6:00 PMLaw & Order - Haven: Authorities seek the person who beat to death a beloved community leader at his center in Harlem.
7:00 PMLaw & Order - Sideshow: A corpse in Battery Park turns out to be a Baltimore official.
8:00 PMLaw & Order - Disciple: Detectives learn religion may be linked to the death of a young girl found in an ER waiting room.
9:00 PMLaw & Order - Harm: The assault of a retired divorce attorney leads detectives to a possible homicide.
10:00 PMLaw & Order - Shield: Detectives probe the shooting death of an undercover officer on a stakeout.
11:00 PMLaw & Order - Juvenile: Briscoe and Curtis probe the shooting of a well-known newspaper columnist.