29 May 2017

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11:32 PMRugrats - Cynthia Comes Alive; Trading Phil: Angelica mistakes a teenager for a living Cynthia doll; Angelica bargains for Phil.
12:02 AMHey Arnold! - The Little Pink Book; Field Trip: Gerald finds Helga's journal; Arnold conspires to free a tortoise.
12:32 AMHey Arnold! - Casa Paradiso; Gerald's Tonsils: Grandpa decides to sell the boarding house; a tonsillectomy changes Gerald's voice.
1:02 AMHey Arnold! - Helga Blabs All; Harold the Butcher: Under the influence of laughing gas, Helga leaves a message for Arnold; Harold shoplifts a ham.
1:32 AMHey Arnold! - Helga's Masquerade; Mr. Green Runs for Office: Helga tries to be like Lila; Mr. Green runs for city council.
2:02 AMRocko's Modern Life - Jetscream; Dirty Dog: Rocko rides in a plane; Spunky's bath.
2:32 AMRocko's Modern Life - Cruisin': Rocko and Heffer go on a cruise with Grandpa.
3:03 AMRocko's Modern Life - Fish and Chumps; Camera Shy: The gang goes fishing; Rocko's revealing video tape.
3:31 AMRocko's Modern Life - The Good, the Bad, the Wallaby; Trash-O-Madness: Rocko visits his uncle at a cattle ranch; Rocko scrambles to get his trash together.
4:00 AMCatDog - Adventures in Greaser Sitting; The Cat Club; Cat Diggety Dog: Cliff leaves his niece in Cat's care; Cat joins a ``Cats Only'' club; Cat and Dog do a routine.
4:30 AMCatDog - Royal Dog; Springtime for CatDog: Cat plans to join the ranks of high society; Cat and Dog fall in love with Loraine Dejardin.
5:00 AMCatDog - Dem Bones; Winslow Documentary; You're Fired: Dog steals a dinosaur skeleton; Winslow shows clips of CatDog at breakfast; Cat meets a movie star.
5:30 AMCatDog - A Dog Ate My Homework; The End: Dunglap hires Dog to eat his homework; Cat and Dog look through Winslow's telescope.
6:00 AMJinxed: Two siblings embark on an adventure to break their family's curse of never-ending bad luck.
7:30 AMBest Player: A deliveryman and a teenage girl prepare for a showdown in a video-game tournament.
9:30 AMPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: To save Camp Half-Blood, Percy and his demigod friends must retrieve the Golden Fleece.
12:00 PMRufus: A magical collar transforms Manny's dog Rufus into a boy.
1:00 PMRufus 2: Rufus crushes on a new girl at school who seems to be hiding something.
2:00 PMSwindle: With help from classmates, a teen pursues a con man who duped him out of a valuable baseball card.
4:00 PMSplitting Adam: A teenager finds a way to manage his busy life when he accidentally clones himself.
6:00 PMZoey 101 - Spring Break-Up: Zoey and her friends vacation at a beach-side mansion.
7:00 PMZoey 101 - Goodbye Zoey: Zoey learns that her parents are moving to England.
8:00 PMZoey 101 - Chasing Zoey: James is surprised by Zoey's reaction when he offers to accompany her to Maui for the summer.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter: Shawn tries to change his image when he becomes attracted to a girl (Larisa Oleynik).
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - Stormy Weather: Eric decides to quit school to pursue his dream job as a television weatherman.
10:00 PMKenan & Kel - Foul Bull: Kenan and Kel are blamed when Ron Harper slips on orange soda.
10:34 PMKenan & Kel - Attack of the Bug Man: While the two are playing in Kenan's room, the Rockmores' house is robbed.
11:06 PMKenan & Kel - Happy B-Day, Marc: Marc Cram invites everyone to his birthday bash except Kenan.
11:38 PMKenan & Kel - The Graduates: Kenan and Kel graduate from high school.