31 July 2016

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11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Dog Shelter: Carrie learns Doug's parents have been sheltering him by replacing his beloved dog with look-alikes.
12:00 AMThe King of Queens - King Pong: After losing to Carrie, Doug asks Arthur to help him improve his pingpong game.
12:30 AMThe King of Queens - Dreading Vows: Doug and Carrie decide to renew their wedding vows but might not make it to the altar.
1:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Pilot: Debra yearns for nothing more than a peaceful birthday at home with her husband.
1:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - I Love You: Debra gets mad when Ray's problem with showing affection for her becomes a family matter.
2:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - I Wish I Were Gus: Ray hopes his eulogy for Uncle Gus will resolve a family feud.
2:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Standard Deviation: Robert's psychology project stirs Ray's and Debra's competitive streaks.
3:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Look Don't Touch: Ray must convince Debra of his innocence after a waitress at Nemo's catches his eye.
3:30 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Get Smarter: Christine persuades Matthew and Barb to throw her an engagement party so she can meet Max's friends.
4:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Pilot: Christine discovers that her ex-husband is dating an impossible-to-hate woman with her name.
4:30 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Supertramp: Christine learns that her ex-husband is in a relationship, she resolves to find her own conquest.
5:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Open Water: Christine allows her friends Barb and Pete to set her up on a blind date.
5:30 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus: Matthew tells Richard that Christine is on her fifth date with a new beau.
6:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - I'll Show You Mine: Christine faces a critical moment in her relationship with Burton, whether to let him meet her son.
6:36 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - The Other F Word: Christine tries to promote racial and ethnic diversity at her son's exclusive private school.
7:12 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - A Long Day's Journey Into Stan: Christine insists she is ready for some time alone after her breakup with Burton.
7:48 AMThe Golden Girls - Break In: After the house is burglarized, Rose buys a gun to feel more safe.
8:24 AMThe Golden Girls - Blanche and the Younger Man: Blanche dates her aerobics instructor; Rose overprotects her visiting mother.
9:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Heart Attack: The women bring their views of death into focus after Sophia suffers the symptoms of a heart attack.
9:36 AMThe Golden Girls - Stan's Return: Dorothy's ex-husband comes to town and spends the night with her.
10:12 AMThe Golden Girls - The Custody Battle: Sophia decides to live in California with Dorothy's sister Gloria.
10:48 AMThe Golden Girls - A Little Romance: Rose tries to conceal the fact that she is dating a little person (Brent Collins).
11:24 AMThe Golden Girls - That Was No Lady: Dorothy's becomes involved with a married coworker; her housemates disapprove.
12:00 PMThe Golden Girls - In a Bed of Rose's: Rose makes a fatal mistake when she allows her boyfriend to spend the night with her.
12:30 PMThe Golden Girls - The Truth Will Out: Rose explains to her daughter why she has so little money to leave in her will.
1:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Nice and Easy: Even man-hungry Blanche finds it difficult to tolerate her niece's promiscuous nature.
1:30 PMThe Golden Girls - The Operation: Dorothy needs surgery after injuring herself during tap dancing lessons.
2:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Second Motherhood: A handsome millionaire woos Blanche, but she is uncertain about his young children.
2:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Adult Education: Blanche's professor tells her that she can pass her course easily -- in return for unsavory favors.
3:00 PMThe Golden Girls - The Flu: Blanche, Dorothy and Rose vie for a charity award while fighting the flu.
3:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Job Hunting: Rose must look for work after she loses her grief-counseling job.
4:00 PMReba - She's Leaving Home, Bye, Bye: Kyra's decision to move in with Brock and Barbra Jean infuriates Reba.
4:30 PMReba - War and Peace: Kyra's behavior drives Brock and Barbra Jean to distraction; Cheyenne's snoring unsettles Van.
5:00 PMReba - The Best and the Blondest: Cheyenne announces she is going to pursue a career in dentistry.
5:30 PMReba - Spies Like Reba: Barbra Jean and Reba find out Kyra is planning to attend an unsupervised party.
6:00 PMReba - Calling the Pot Brock: Brock lies to Kyra when she asks him about his past drug use; Cheyenne makes a confession to Van.
6:30 PMReba - Encounters: A counselor (Martin Mull) encourages all to share their feelings during a workshop.
7:00 PMReba - The Ghost and Mrs. Hart: Reba convinces Barbra Jean her house is haunted by the previous owner.
7:30 PMReba - The Cat's Meow: Kyra and Barbra Jean hide a stray cat in the attic; Reba and Brock ply Jake with outrageous gifts.
8:00 PMReba - Regarding Henry: Reba is upset to find that Van and Cheyenne have asked Barbra Jean to take care of Elizabeth.
8:30 PMReba - The Great Race: Reba agrees to compete against Brock in a race to raise money for Jake's school.
9:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Power of No: Ray's latest manipulative plan involves constantly turning down Debra.
9:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Finale: A brief complication after minor surgery forces the Barones to consider life without Raymond.
10:00 PMThe Jim Gaffigan Show - He Said She Said  : Jim and Jeannie have a huge fight and seek Father Nicholas' counsel.
10:33 PMThe Jim Gaffigan Show - No Good Deed Part 3  : Jim is enlisted to help Dave with a project but things get completely out of control.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens - King Pong: After losing to Carrie, Doug asks Arthur to help him improve his pingpong game.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Dreading Vows: Doug and Carrie decide to renew their wedding vows but might not make it to the altar.