30 March 2017

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11:01 PMJungletown - Welcome to the Jungle 
12:01 AMIntervention - Britney & Terry K.: A young addict suffers two overdoses in as many weeks; a chef is addicted to cocaine and fentanyl.
1:01 AMIntervention - Bryceton: A singer/songwriter's addiction to alcohol and synthetic marijuana leads to erratic behavior.
2:01 AMIntervention - Diana: A woman's alcoholism lands her in the hospital with temporary paralysis and a feeding tube.
3:00 AM60 Days In: Atlanta - In Case You Missed It (No. 304)  : A recap of last week's episode.
3:02 AMJungletown - Welcome to the Jungle 
4:02 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMGet on track with Cue: Cue Vapor is vaping made simple, a spill-proof disposable vaping system available in many flavors.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMShark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology - For Floors & Carpets: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
6:30 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
7:00 AMParking Wars: Owner loses cool as John and Rich try to find keys.
7:30 AMParking Wars: Tracey's style rubs a desperate owner the wrong way.
8:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Big Island, Small Town: Dog has problems when he goes to a small town on the Big Island of Hawaii to track down a fugitive.
8:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Suga on My Cuffs: Dog and the team go after a stripper who did not make her court appearance.
9:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Where There's Smoke ...: Dog hunts a low-level drug dealer; Beth furnishes Leland's Honolulu apartment.
9:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Stress Management: A homeless shelter's staff is uncooperative; a violent capture; Dog and Beth have a romantic dinner.
10:00 AMDuck Dynasty - Statue of Imitations  : Willie asks a local chainsaw artist to make a statue for him; Jep and Jessica attempt to help Kay.
10:30 AMDuck Dynasty - A Decent Proposal  : Reed proposes to his girlfriend, inspiring Jase to get romantic with Missy.
11:00 AMDuck Dynasty - Wild Wild West Monroe  : Jase and Jep argue over who should inherit their grandfather's old rifle.
11:30 AMDuck Dynasty - Father Knows Pest  : Jase must rid the neighborhood of a pesky beaver; Little Will gets his learner's permit.
12:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Half in the Bag  : The guys cause Si to lose his job as a grocery bagger, then try to help him get his job back.
12:30 PMDuck Dynasty - There Will Be Flood  : The sons and wives work to protect Phil and Kay's home from potential floodwaters.
1:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Bingo Star  : Willie becomes seduced by the game of bingo after he accompanies Kay to a local tournament.
1:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Sadie's Choice  : Willie hopes that impending high-school graduate Sadie will decide to attend a local college.
2:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Whole Lotta Bull  : The guys attend a one-day rodeo fantasy camp; Kay's dog gets a new girlfriend.
2:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Here Comes the Son  : Jase hires Reed to take his place at Duck Commander; Korie puts Willie on a vegetarian diet.
3:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Bro'd Trip  : Jep and Si attempt to track down an item of Willie's that they mistakenly shipped out.
3:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Techs and Balances  : Willie takes action when he feels his children spend too much time on their phones.
4:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Automation Frustration  : The guys have fun with a 3-D printer until they realize the machine could soon replace their jobs.
4:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Drive-In Revivin'  : Willie faces the challenge of coming up with a romantic gesture for Korie without spending money.
5:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Uneasy Rider  : Little Will decides to buy a motorcycle instead of a car after Willie puts him on a budget.
5:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Good Willie Hunting  : Jase and Si are challenged to track and capture Willie and Jep.
6:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Sleep Cover  : Willie and Jep supervise Bella's sleepover while Korie is away; the men play a round of night golf.
6:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Razing the Snakes  : Jase, Jep, Si and Cole battle cottonmouth snakes; Willie helps Rebecca improve her clothing store.
7:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Fishful Thinking  : Jase hopes that angler Bill Dance can help him win the inaugural Duck Commander Fishing Tournament.
7:30 PMDuck Dynasty - The Campfire Diaries  : Family members spend a weekend at their childhood summer camp; Jep tries to pass a swimming test.
8:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Dance Dads  : Willie, Korie, Jase and Missy receive dance lessons from Sadie to prepare for upcoming weddings.
8:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Best of Duck Dynasty: Si Jobs  : A compilation of the best scenes from all 11 seasons of the series.
9:00 PMDuck Dynasty - End of an Era  : Si decides to retire and pursue a music career; Willie, Phil and Jase take a road trip.
10:01 PMJep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty - Hire Learning  : Jep and Jessica have trouble finding potential employees for their food truck.
10:32 PMJep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty - Toys R Gus  : Martin and Godwin are not pleased when they learn the truth behind Jep's mystery camping trip.
11:03 PMDuck Dynasty - Disappearing Acts  : Jep plays magician when entertainment plans for Gus's first birthday party fall through.
11:33 PMDuck Dynasty - Rowdy's Big Day  : Rowdy officially becomes a Robertson; Jase enjoys his first massage more than he expected.