23 July 2017

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10:40 PMBloodworx: College students learn to regret their decision to sign up as test subjects for a new drug.
12:30 AMBlack Christmas: Sorority sisters and their drunken housemother fall prey to an obscene yuletide caller.
2:10 AMBloodworx: College students learn to regret their decision to sign up as test subjects for a new drug.
4:00 AMCecil B. Demented: A renegade filmmaker kidnaps a pampered star.
5:30 AMMother's Day: A single mom learns that her ex-husband is engaged, while a widower struggles to raise two children.
7:30 AMLucky Numbers: A TV-weatherman in financial trouble teams with his girlfriend to rig the state lottery.
9:30 AMThe Man Who Knew Infinity: East Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan works with British professor G.H. Hardy in 1913.
11:30 AMCinderella Man: Down-and-out boxer Jim Braddock makes a dramatic comeback.
1:55 PMThe Howling: Reborn: Heir to a line of werewolves, a teenager battles a pack of beasts and his own lust for blood.
3:30 PMJimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero: An Iranian immigrant unwittingly becomes involved in a conspiracy to start the next world war.
4:55 PMWho's Your Caddy?: A rap mogul faces stiff opposition when he tries to join a conservative country club.
6:30 PMDown to Earth: A dead comic returns to Earth as a Manhattan mogul.
8:00 PMThe Hateful Eight: While seeking shelter from a blizzard, bounty hunters, a prisoner and a sheriff meet four strangers.
11:00 PMMr. Brooks: A deadly game of blackmail ensues when a voyeur snaps a serial killer at a murder scene.