31 August 2016

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10:15 PMOcean's Eleven: A crook and his 10 war buddies plan to rob five Las Vegas casinos on New Year's Eve.
12:30 AMAda: A sharecropper's daughter of dubious repute helps her husband the governor clean up corruption.
2:30 AMAt War With the Army: A suave Army sergeant needs a sad sack private to get him out of a romantic jam.
4:15 AMToys in the Attic: Two New Orleans sisters meddle with their brother and his child bride.
6:00 AMHollywood My Hometown: Behind-the-scenes film clips feature Hollywood stars in candid moments.
7:00 AMA Night at the Ritz: A PR man talks a swanky hotel into hiring his girlfriend's brother as chef.
8:15 AMTraveling Saleslady: A toothpaste tycoon's daughter sells an inventor's new brand to teach her father a lesson.
9:30 AMBrides Are Like That: A small-town girl marries the penniless, lazy nephew of a rich owner of an apple orchard.
10:45 AMLove Begins at Twenty: Gin gives a man the courage to oppose his nagging wife.
11:45 AMMurder by an Aristocrat: Members of a wealthy family are slowly eliminated following the extortion demand of a blackmailer.
1:00 PMShe Wouldn't Say Yes: A psychiatrist applies her theory of strict behavior to a carefree cartoonist.
2:30 PMThe Lone Wolf Strikes: Former jewel thief Michael Lanyard recovers stolen pearls for an heiress.
3:45 PMFlight Lieutenant: A disgraced World War I pilot re-enlists as a private and seeks his test-pilot son's respect.
5:15 PMGun Brothers: A cavalryman comes home and finds the brother he thought was a rancher is actually an outlaw.
6:45 PMGun Duel in Durango: An outlaw leader quits to marry a rancher, but the guy who takes his place will not leave him alone.
8:00 PMThe Lady Eve: Father-daughter cardsharps fleece a rich man's son on a cruise ship.
9:45 PMSullivan's Travels: A Hollywood director poses as a hobo for his next work, a serious social epic.
11:30 PMThe Palm Beach Story: An inventor's wife meets some sporting millionaires on a train to Florida.