25 October 2014

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11:00 PMExtreme Smuggling - Drugs II  : Law enforcement offers an inside look at what it takes to catch drug smugglers.
12:00 AMWeed Country - Welcome to the Garden  : The marijuana growing season begins; grower Mike Boutin heads out on his first pot run of the year.
1:00 AMWeed Country - Smuggler's Blues  : Disgraced dispensary owner Matt Shotwell goes in search of some premium bud and some wise counsel.
2:00 AMExtreme Smuggling - Drugs  : The extreme efforts employed by drug dealers, driven by greed to get their drugs to market.
3:00 AMOdd Folks Home - Death & Taxidermy  : Letting the skeletons out of the closet; harvesting highways; obsession with a deceased inventor.
3:30 AMOdd Folks Home - Night of the Living Robots  : A director who puts the sin in cinematography; golden-age goodies collection; master of disguise.
4:00 AMOdd Folks Home - When a Man...Is a Woman  : Edgar shares a walking work of art; a woman introduces bone articulation into her love life.
4:30 AMOdd Folks Home - Blood, Pet & Shears  : A model mortician who stitches clothing the same way she stitches dead skin.
5:00 AMOdd Folks Home - Blow Off Some Steampunk  : A couple whose Victorian passion is fueled by the steam of sci-fi.
5:30 AMOdd Folks Home - Dead as a Toenail  : A couple whose love for one another is second to their love for deathly danger.
6:00 AMUnsolved History - Roswell: Investigators attempt to determine what was found in the desert near Roswell, N.M., in 1947.
7:00 AMUnsolved History - Area 51: Exploring the mystery and pop culture behind Area 51.
8:00 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Top 10 Alien Encounters  : Ten tales of aliens, UFOs and abductions; a fresh look at classic encounters.
8:30 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Alien Implants  : Aliens may have created the means to control humanity.
9:00 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Aliens & the Vatican  : One of the most sacred places on Earth may house secret knowledge of extraterrestrial life.
9:30 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Aliens on the Moon  : Tampered space-photos, missing NASA recordings and a race to the moon.
10:00 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Cracking the Alien Code  : Aliens may have tried to make contact with Earthlings for millennia.
10:30 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - UFO Portal Los Angeles  : Many UFO events take place in Los Angeles.
11:00 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Nazis and UFOs  : An extraterrestrial source may have helped Adolf Hitler in his attempt to conquer the world.
11:30 AMUnsealed: Alien Files - Aliens Among Us  : Members of the federal government may be aliens with sinister purposes in mind.
12:00 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Alien Plagues  : Unexplained illnesses repeatedly attack the human population with a vengeance.
12:30 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Secret Alien Technology  : Aliens may have had a hand in humans' technological advancements.
1:00 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - British X-Files  : Military cover-ups and dire warnings from British government insiders.
1:30 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Alien Encyclopedia  : Mysterious book outlines decades of cooperation between the U.S. military and alien forces on Earth.
2:00 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Aliens and Presidents  : U.S. presidents may have knowledge of extraterrestrials.
2:30 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Alien Gods of Egypt  : Ancient Egypt, a civilization millennia ahead of its time, may have had extraterrestrial help.
3:00 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Top 10 Alien Plots  : Aliens' plans for the human race may be peaceful or not.
3:30 PMUnsealed: Alien Files - Alien Hot Spots  : Some UFO enthusiasts believe that all signs point to a massive global cover-up.
4:00 PMAliens: The Definitive Guide - What to Expect  : Scientists will lay out what to expect if aliens exist.
5:00 PMAliens: The Definitive Guide - How to Prepare  : Huge does of scientific research and action-packed journey through space.
6:00 PMAlien Autopsy: A look at the unanswered questions of what crashed outside of Roswell, NM in the summer of 1947.
7:00 PMHow It's Made - Racing Leathers; Evaporative Cooling Towers; Wood Rocking Chairs; Wire Wheels: Racing leathers; evaporative cooling towers; wood rocking chairs; wire wheels.
7:30 PMHow It's Made - Mountain Bikes; Rice; Lever Action Rifles: Mountain bikes; rice; lever action rifles.
8:00 PMHow It's Made - Saunas, Wheelchair Lifts, Dioramas: Saunas, Wheelchair Lifts, Dioramas.
8:30 PMHow It's Made - Upright pianos, Flags, Wet/Dry Vacs, Medieval Axes
9:00 PMHow It's Made - Oil Lamps, Chocolate Mints, Underfloor heating, Pillows
9:30 PMHow It's Made - Skeletal Replicas, Ice Buckets & Servers, Dining Chairs, Inground Pools
10:00 PMHow It's Made - Automatic Sliding Doors; Gin; Firearms Restoration: Automatic sliding doors; gin; firearms restoration.
10:30 PMHow It's Made - Scuba Lights; Convertible Sandals; Racecar Simulators; Fiberglass Doors: Scuba lights; convertible sandals; racecar simulators; and fiberglass doors.
11:00 PMHow It's Made - Saunas, Wheelchair Lifts, Dioramas: Saunas, Wheelchair Lifts, Dioramas.
11:30 PMHow It's Made - Upright pianos, Flags, Wet/Dry Vacs, Medieval Axes