25 November 2015

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11:00 PMSecret Space Escapes - Shipwrecked  : A collision put a hole in the Russian Space Station and the vacuum of space bares down.
12:00 AMHow the Universe Works - Alien Oceans 
1:00 AMSecret Space Escapes - Secret Mayday Mission  : A Space Shuttle crew discovers damage to protective tiles on the shuttle's underbelly.
2:00 AMSecret Space Escapes - Fire on the Mir  : Chris Hadfield's rookie spacewalk takes a terrifying turn leaving him temporarily blinded in space.
3:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Secrets of Sahara  : The Eye of the Sahara remains a mystery; incredible clouds are emanating from an island.
4:00 AMWhat on Earth? - North Korea is Burning  : An amateur archaeologist makes a fantastic discovery of not one but two forgotten pyramids in Egypt.
5:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Finding Sodom  : Mike Barratt explains photographing a strange ring in the ice on the world's oldest lake.
6:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Lake of Blood  : A massive tsunami hundreds of feet high that never touches land; a secret underground base in China.
7:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Nazi Ice Fortress  : Images of earth from space show an intimate portrait of human activity.
8:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Lost City of Gold  : Strange barren rings in the Namib Desert; an island the size of Manhattan disappears without trace.
9:00 AMOutrageous Acts of Science - Superhuman  : A home engineer that can walk on the ceiling; a man that can run a loop-the-loop.
10:00 AMOutrageous Acts of Science - When Nature Calls  : Gorilla walking like a man; indoor clouds; a man who chases volcanoes.
11:00 AMOutrageous Acts of Science - Tested on Humans  : A man who is able to pop his eyes out; inventors who created a bike helmet that inflates.
12:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Freaks of Nature  : Electric man; a backwards car; a man who catches animals with animals.
1:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Zeroes to Heroes  : High dive tragedy; tongue lamppost fail.
2:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Cowboys of Chaos  : A homemade cannon; exploded houses; and extremely powerful magnets that can crush a hand.
3:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Fact or Faked  : A team of experts try to spot the fakes; underwater base jumps; most amazing pool trick shots.
4:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Kings of Carnage  : Anvil shooting; demolition fail; jumping out of a helicopter with no parachute.
5:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Born to Be Wild  : A woman who survived an avalanche; a man who can hold his breath for more than 22 minutes.
6:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Masters of the Universe  : Extreme vertical diving; man with no fear of heights, crazy helicopter maneuvers.
7:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Kings of Creation  : A jump-roping car; a Japanese robot that always wins at rock paper scissors.
8:00 PMAll-American Makers - Catch Me If You Can  : A crash-proof drone; a fitness device using centripetal force; a rechargeable, portable generator.
9:00 PMAll-American Makers: Where Are They Now? - Quest for the Grayl  : Motorized roller skates that strap to a shoe; a high-tech water filter.
10:00 PMHow It's Made - Top Five Thanksgiving Essentials: A countdown some of the most essential things for Thanksgiving dinner.
10:30 PMHow It's Made - Top Five Fall Harvest Edition: A countdown some of the best things from the fall harvest.
11:00 PMAll-American Makers - Catch Me If You Can  : A crash-proof drone; a fitness device using centripetal force; a rechargeable, portable generator.