8 December 2016

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:03 PMImpossible Engineering - US Navy's Super Submarine  : How a nuclear submarine is built.
12:04 AMImpossible Engineering - World's Biggest Cruise Ship  : The construction of the biggest cruise ships.
1:05 AMWorld's Biggest Shipbuilders - Super Tug  : In Korea, the XLE4's hull is being completed; bow and stern begins at two shipyards in Poland.
2:06 AMImpossible Engineering - World's Fastest Train  : The Shanghai Magleve is the fastest passenger train in operation in the world.
3:06 AMHeavy Metal Task Force - Hercules; MT720 Roadheader; SLV100 Slag Hauler  : A crane vessel pieces together an oil rig; digging a tunnel beneath a peaceful village.
4:04 AMAlien Planet Earths: Astronomers believe there are other planets with the potential for life.
5:02 AMMars: The Secret Science - Conquering the New Frontier  : Elon Musk provides a behind-the-scenes look at SpaceX and the possibility of humans colonizing Mars.
6:00 AMMars: The Secret Science - Is There Life?  : NASA's Curiosity mission is on a quest to find life on Mars.
7:00 AMMars: The Secret Science - Mars's Deepest Mysteries  : An examination as to what lies beneath Mars's surface.
8:00 AMMars: The Secret Science - Race to the Red Planet 
9:00 AMMythBusters - Airplane on a Conveyor Belt: The team experiments with flying remote-controlled airplanes.
10:00 AMMythBusters - Shooting Fish in a Barrel: The team tests the truth behind some time-honored sayings and conventional wisdom.
11:00 AMMythBusters - Cannonball Chemistry: Whether a mattress can really cushion a watery wipe out; If stone cannonballs can cause carnage.
12:00 PMMythBusters - Vodka Myths: An accident fuses compact trucks; vodka's impact on personal hygiene.
1:00 PMMythBusters - Mythssion Control: ``Mythbusters'' fans take control.
2:00 PMMythBusters - Anti-Gravity Device: Christmas comes more than once a year for Adam and Jamie.
3:00 PMMythBusters - Underwater Car: Adam and Jamie try to escape a car submerged in water.
4:00 PMMythBusters - Exploding Pants: The guys investigate whether or not a farmer's trousers can suddenly explode.
5:00 PMMythBusters - Viewers Special 2: Adam and Jamie test myths from the ``MythBusters'' fan site.
6:00 PMMythBusters - Viewer Special Threequel: The team tackles four of the best viewer fables.
7:00 PMWhat on Earth? - Mystery in the Outback  : A giant carving appears in the Outback; bright lights illuminate the seas around Thailand.
8:00 PMWhat on Earth? - Stonehenge of the Holy Land  : Legends of ancient giants surround a mysterious monument in the Middle East.
9:01 PMWhat on Earth? - Curse of the Abyss  : Mysterious sightings in the Bermuda Triangle that could solve an age-old legend.
10:02 PMBermuda Triangle: Science of the Abyss: Examining if time-shifting fogs and underwater aliens cause boats and planes to disappear.
11:03 PMWhat on Earth? - Stonehenge of the Holy Land  : Legends of ancient giants surround a mysterious monument in the Middle East.