16 September 2014

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11:00 PMThe 700 Club: Tim Brown remembers the night he fell to his knees and asked God for help to get his life together.
12:00 AMSister Act 2: Back in the Habit: A Las Vegas singer teaches a mother superior's flock how to rock and save the school from closure.
2:00 AMT25 Sexy Bodies!
2:30 AMShaun T's Focus T25
3:00 AMThe 700 Club: Tim Brown remembers the night he fell to his knees and asked God for help to get his life together.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMShaun T's Focus T25
5:00 AMJoseph Prince - Break Every Bad Habit With Christ  : The only answer to bad habits and addictions.
5:30 AMLife Today With James Robison: James and Betty Robison.
6:00 AMJoyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life: Joyce Meyer helps viewers live a life of purpose and passion.
6:30 AMAmazing Facts Presents: Pastor Doug Batchelor provides practical guidance into Christian living and prophecy.
7:00 AMThat '70s Show - Holy Crap!: Eric, Laurie and Red skip out of church when Kitty has to work on Sunday.
7:30 AMThat '70s Show - Red Fired Up: Red is forced to fire an old friend; Kelso gives his relationship with Laurie another chance.
8:00 AMThat '70s Show - Cat Fight Club: Jackie and Red are upset when Kelso and Laurie begin dating again.
8:30 AMThat '70s Show - Moon Over Point Place: Donna's yearbook photo is revealing; Hyde has a run-in with the law.
9:00 AMThe Middle - Major Changes: After being humiliated by a family member's behavior, Frankie escapes to her mother's house.
9:30 AM700 Club Telethon: Raising funds.
11:00 AMGilmore Girls - Farewell, My Pet: Richard starts his recovery two days after his bypass surgery.
12:00 PMGilmore Girls - I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar: Lorelai works up the courage to tell her parents about her breakup.
1:00 PMThe Middle - The Front Door: Axl accidentally breaks down the front door and Mike insists he fix it.
1:30 PMThe Middle - The Scratch: An accident leads to a visit from a social worker; Bob tries to help Mr. Ehlert shoot a commercial.
2:00 PMReba - Red Alert: A physical reveals that Reba has high blood pressure; Van asks for Brock's advice on gifts.
2:30 PMReba - Two Weddings and a Funeral: Reba and Barbra Jean overwhelm Cheyenne with advice when she plans her second wedding to Van.
3:00 PMReba - Reba's Heart: Reba is rushed to the hospital after collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's non-wedding.
3:30 PMReba - Let's Get Physical: Barbra Jean shows off her new sleek figure and staunch dedication to the gym.
4:00 PMBoy Meets World - Grandma Was a Rolling Stone: Cory's eccentric grandmother (Rue McClanahan) pays a visit and turns the house upside down.
4:30 PMHome Alone 2: Lost in New York: A left-behind boy battles two burglars he faced before.
7:00 PMLiar Liar: A boy's wish comes true that his neglectful father will not be able to tell a lie for 24 hours.
9:00 PMBilly Madison: An adult goof-off goes back to elementary school in order to run his father's company.
11:00 PMThe 700 Club: Henri Landwirth fulfills the dreams of terminally ill children.