25 December 2014

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas: The ladies volunteer to serve Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen.
12:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Hey, Look Me Over: An old photo shows Blanche with Charlie; Sophia has a hearing test.
12:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Where's Charlie?: Rose thinks her late husband is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave.
1:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Home Again, Rose: Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia cheer up a hospitalized Rose after she becomes ill at a class reunion.
1:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Home Again, Rose: Before waking from surgery, Rose dreams that she, Blanche and Dorothy are 100 years in the future.
2:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - The Final Three: The queens compete in their final challenge starring in RuPaul's music video.
3:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - Reunion: Wigs fly as the queens return to discuss the drama of the season.
4:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Terrible Things: Sabrina meddles in her friends' fates by granting their wishes.
4:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Dream Date: The witches create a dream date to take Sabrina to the school dance; guest Brian Austin Green.
5:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Third Aunt From the Sun: Sabrina visits an eccentric aunt (Raquel Welch) who lives in a fantasy realm.
5:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Magic Joel: A fledgling magician selects Sabrina to be his assistant, but she accidentally makes him disappear.
6:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Geek Like Me: Sabrina transforms Libby into a geek to teach her a lesson about treating people with kindness.
6:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Sweet & Sour Victory: Sabrina enhances her martial-arts skills with magical powers.
7:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - A Girl and Her Cat: On Christmas eve, Sabrina panics when she discovers her cat, Salem, is missing.
7:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Sabrina Claus: Sabrina and Salem fill in for an injured Santa Claus on Christmas eve.
8:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Christmas Amnesia: Sabrina accidentally erases Christmas from the world's memory.
8:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose: Sabrina erases winter so she can have a Jamaican holiday, making Mother Nature very angry.
9:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Sabrina's Perfect Christmas: Sabrina decides to celebrate a conventional Christmas with Morgan's ostensibly perfect family.
9:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas: Sabrina must prove Roxie's recently paroled mother is innocent of robbing their vacation home.
10:00 AMA Diva's Christmas Carol: A vain songstress receives visits from three spirits. Based on the Charles Dickens classic.
12:00 PMWho's the Boss? - Mona's Limo: Mona has instant success with the limousine rental service she starts.
12:30 PMWho's the Boss? - The Hickey: Samantha (Alyssa Milano) comes home from a party with a hickey on her neck. With Tony Danza.
1:00 PMWho's the Boss? - Wedding Bells?: Wedding-party members Tony and Angela daydream.
1:30 PMWho's the Boss? - Semi-Private Lives: Tony, Angela and their dates wind up together.
2:00 PMWho's the Boss? - Forgive Me, Tony: Tony is stunned when reunited with a classmate he has held a grudge against for years.
2:30 PMWho's the Boss? - Spud Micelli: Samantha (Alyssa Milano) tries out for the girls basketball team.
3:00 PMRoseanne - A Bitter Pill to Swallow: Roseanne is stunned when Becky asks for advice about birth control.
3:30 PMRoseanne - Take My Bike, Please: Domestic war breaks out when Becky is left in charge while they work late at the bike shop.
4:00 PMRoseanne - Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker: After seeing her old boyfriend with his new fiancee, Jackie decides she needs a change in her life.
4:30 PMRoseanne - No Place Like Home for the Holidays: A Christmas Eve snowstorm strands Roseanne and Nana Mary at the diner.
5:00 PMRoseanne - White Trash Christmas: The Conners annoy the neighborhood association by putting up tacky Christmas decorations.
5:30 PMRoseanne - Home for the Holidays: Dan returns home to celebrate Christmas after visiting his mother in California.
6:00 PMLiving Single - Riot on the Set: Synclaire realizes her true talent when she stands in as the lead in a play.
6:30 PMLiving Single - Doctor in the House: Khadijah and her new beau attend a holiday event with the snobbish medical elite.
7:00 PMLiving Single - Mother Inferior: Regine has trouble accepting her mother's new relationship with a man.
7:30 PMLiving Single - The Clown That Roared: TV clown Synclaire tangles with a kiddie show star.
8:00 PMLiving Single - In Your Dreams: The girls go on a mission of self-discovery to a New Age retreat.
8:30 PMWorking Girl: A spunky Wall Street secretary takes her boss's place with a merger specialist.
11:00 PMWorking Girl: A spunky Wall Street secretary takes her boss's place with a merger specialist.