5 May 2016

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11:39 PMNight Class: Edgar Allan Poe pays Dan a visit and helps him win over a visiting network executive..
12:01 AMAlone: A Deeper Cut - The Knife's Edge  : One survivalist successfully scavenges and hunts for food, while the others experience hunger.
1:01 AMAlone - The Beasts of Night  : After a week on Vancouver Island, several of the participants find success in their new environment.
2:04 AMMountain Men - Man vs. Winter  : Season after season, the mountain men are locked in an endless battle with winter.
3:04 AMJoin or Die With Craig Ferguson - History's Biggest Presidential Bad Boy  : Angela Kinsey, Heather Macdonald and Joel Stein discuss history's biggest presidential bad boy.
3:40 AMNight Class: Edgar Allan Poe pays Dan a visit and helps him win over a visiting network executive..
4:02 AMNutri Ninja Blender Duo- Healthier Living Made Easy-2 Machines in One!: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo - break down whole foods, ice & seeds for maximum nutrient extraction.
4:30 AMFighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope: Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope.
5:00 AMClean up this Fall with Shark Lift Away. 3 Vacuums in one!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
5:30 AMIncome For Life!
6:00 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
6:30 AMFast Joint Relief: Smart Medicine Show: Medical breakthroughs for powerful evidence-based relief from joint problems.
7:00 AMUFO Files - Beyond the War of the Worlds: Vintage film clips and interpretations are based on H.G. Wells' novel ``The War of the Worlds.''
8:00 AMSecret Access: UFOs on the Record: Numerous credible witnesses support some sightings of mysterious UFOs.
10:00 AMAncient Aliens - The Mission: Strange evidence indicates aliens came to Earth on missions to explore, experiment and conquer.
12:00 PMAncient Aliens - Aliens and Bigfoot: Some theorize that Bigfoot is connected to an alien species that visited in ancient times.
1:00 PMAncient Aliens - The Einstein Factor: A possible extraterrestrial link to human geniuses.
2:00 PMAncient Aliens - The Von Daniken Legacy: Erich von Daniken's theories that have ignited a movement known as Ancient Astronaut Theory.
3:00 PMAncient Aliens - Forbidden Caves: Throughout the course of history, some caves have been considered sacred places.
4:00 PMAncient Aliens - Aliens Among Us: Exploring the theory that our technologically savvy is the work of aliens watching us from beyond.
5:00 PMAncient Aliens - The Tesla Experiment: Inventor Nikola Tesla guided mankind toward a new industrial era.
6:00 PMAncient Aliens - The Reptilians: The myths behind reptilian aliens may provide evidence that suggests the creatures are real.
7:00 PMAncient Aliens - Dark Forces: In almost every culture, there are stories of opposing forces at work here on Earth.
8:00 PMAncient Aliens - The Forbidden Zones: Regions of the world that are off-limits to exploration due to instability and inaccessibility.
9:00 PMAncient Aliens - Pyramids of Antarctica: Satellite imagery reveals what appears to be the tops of manmade pyramids in Antarctica.
10:03 PMAncient Aliens - NASA's Secret Agenda: Wernher von Braun's prediction that people would build a space station has become reality.
11:03 PMAncient Aliens - Prophets and Prophecies: Historical prophets may have had alien influences.