29 August 2016

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11:30 PMTiny House Hunters - New Parents Go Tiny  : A couple wants to move into a tiny home in Elgin, Ill., with their new baby.
12:00 AMTiny House Hunters - Going Tiny In Sunny Florida  : Andrew and Raquel of Delray Beach, Fla. try the minimalist approach; the couple heads to Memphis.
12:30 AMTiny House Hunters - Texans Go Tiny  : Raul and Kim are downsizing to live mortgage free and spend more time with their children.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters - Planning a Wedding and House Hunting in Westchester County, New York: An engaged couple wants to leave Brooklyn for the serenity of Westchester County, New York.
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International - Miles to Go in Marrakesh, Morocco: A woman wants to train for a footrace in Marrakesh, so she sets out to find a place to live.
2:00 AMTiny House Hunters - World Traveler Goes Tiny  : A woman wants to simplify her life in Seattle, by finding a mobile home that will not tie her down.
2:30 AMTiny House Hunters - New Parents Go Tiny  : A couple wants to move into a tiny home in Elgin, Ill., with their new baby.
3:00 AMTiny House, Big Living - Young Couple Builds Dream Tiny Island Home  : A busy couple gets help from family to construct a dream home on a hillside.
3:30 AMTiny House, Big Living - Tiny Bus Workshop  : A world-traveling artisan wants to convert a school bus into her dream home.
4:00 AMBissell Revolution: The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution outcleans the leading rental at half the weight!
4:30 AMCreate an Unlimited Wardrobe on a Limited Budget: Gwynnie Bee is an online women's clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. 30-day free trial!
5:00 AMDermaWand- Look years younger!: DermaWand results - younger looking skin with only 2 three minute treatments a day.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMBack2Life - Your 12 Minute Back Pain Solution! FREE SHIPPING!: Back2Life is a revolutionary machine that achieves incredible results safely, drug free and in home.
6:30 AMRenovation Raiders - Kitchen Makeover Race  : A kitchen where a family of four will have space to spend time together.
7:30 AMHouse Hunters - Family Seeks Big Home With Room to Adopt in Virginia: A couple wants to move their children to a five-bedroom house in Loudoun County, Va.
8:00 AMHouse Hunters - Twenty-Something Seeks Philadelphia Rowhouse With Outdoor Space for Parties: A Philadelphia resident wants to buy a home where she can collect rent from her sister.
8:30 AMHouse Hunters - Utah Family Seeks Home With Room for Soccer Field: After living with her parents, a woman and her family want to find a large home in Provo, Utah.
9:00 AMHouse Hunters - Family of Eight Seeks Key West Vacation Home: A New Jersey family wants to find a vacation home in Key West, Fla.
9:30 AMHouse Hunters - Cookie Cutter vs. Character in Folsom, Calif.: A couple wants to buy their first place in Folsom, Calif., but must decide on a type of house.
10:00 AMHouse Hunters - NYC Family Upgrades to Bigger Home in Connecticut: New Yorkers transplanted in Fairfield, Conn., want to upgrade to a bigger home with a pool.
10:30 AMHouse Hunters - Family of Eight Moves to Minneapolis for Gymnast Daughter's Training: A couple relocates their six children to the suburbs of Minneapolis.
11:00 AMHouse Hunters - College Sweethearts Seek Family Home in Nashville: A couple seems to have no common ground in a search for a house in Nashville.
11:30 AMHouse Hunters - Hunting for Her First Home in Hip and Pricey Austin, Texas: A newcomer to Austin, Texas, wants to find her first home in the area.
12:00 PMHouse Hunters - St. Louis Couple Seeks Home for Expanding Pet Collection: College sweethearts search for a home together in the suburbs of St. Louis.
12:30 PMHouse Hunters International: Expecting parents want to trade the busy life for a bed and breakfast in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.
1:00 PMFixer Upper - On the Hunt for a Fixer That Looks Old but Feels New in Castle Heights  : Three homes in the Castle Heights neighborhood of Waco, Texas.
2:00 PMFixer Upper - Couple Pursues Elusive Neighborhood Where Residents Never Leave  : A couple wants a home in the Viking Hills neighborhood, but current residents rarely move.
3:00 PMFixer Upper - Professor and Family Crave Country Climate  : A biochemistry professor and his family want a home with many bedrooms and a lot of acreage.
4:00 PMFixer Upper - First Time Buyers Take a Chance on a Vintage Fixer Upper  : A couple tours homes in the Dean Highland neighborhood of Waco, Texas.
5:00 PMFixer Upper - Finding Small Town Texas Charm for a Young Family  : A couple tours homes in Hillsboro, Texas, in hopes of finding a larger house.
6:00 PMFixer Upper - A Young Couple Hopes for a House With Old World Charm  : Newlyweds want to find a first house in the Mountainview area of Waco, Texas.
7:00 PMFixer Upper - Single Foster Mom Finds Fixer for Future Family  : A single foster mother wants to find the ideal environment to raise children.
8:00 PMFixer Upper - Almost Empty Nesters Want Waterfront Home  : Newlyweds want to find a home for three people with extra space available.
9:00 PMFixer Upper - Convenience and Character Are on the Wish List for a House Hunting Waco Couple  : A couple want an open-concept house with plenty of room for their children.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters - Couple Looks for a Chicago Two-Flat: A couple want to find a two-flat home with short-term rental income opportunities.
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International - Cayman Island Adventures: Adventure seekers jump at the chance to move to Grand Cayman, but they will face challenges.
11:00 PMFixer Upper - Nomadic Suburbanites Seek Unique Retro Residence  : A couple searches for a contemporary home in Woodway, Texas.