20 February 2017

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:51 PMRugrats - Aunt Miriam; The Inside Story: Tommy and Chuckie fear visiting Aunt Miriam might be an alien; Chuckie swallows a watermelon seed.
12:22 AMRugrats - Brothers Are Monsters; Cooking With Susie: Tommy worries about turning into a monster; Susie bakes cereal bars for everyone.
12:53 AMRugrats - No Bones About It; Beach Blanket Babies: The Rugrats want a dinosaur bone for Spike; Chuckie wants to free his sea monkeys.
1:24 AMRugrats - Superhero Chuckie; The Dog Broomer: Chuckie thinks a purple cape will make him a superhero; Spike smells too ripe.
1:55 AMRugrats - Visitors From Outer Space; The Case of the Missing Rugrat: Tommy dreams of an alien spaceship; Grandpa must track down Tommy after accidentally losing him.
2:26 AMRugrats - Zoo Story; I Do: The tots visit a petting zoo; Angelica plans an elaborate wedding for Lil and Chuckie.
2:58 AMCatDog - Neferkitty; Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat: Cat tries to teach Dog about treating felines like royalty; Winslow catches Cat reading Dog's diary.
3:29 AMCatDog - House of CatDog; CatDog Campers: Rancid Rabbit wants to build a freeway; Cat and Dog try to get their camping badge.
3:59 AMRocko's Modern Life - Manic Mechanic; Rocko's Happy Vermin: Rocko's car dies; Ed's buggy menu.
4:30 AMRocko's Modern Life - An Elk for Heffer; Scrubbin' Down Under: Heffer's guest of honor is the main course; Rocko has ``spinach tooth.''
5:00 AMHey Arnold! - Eating Contest; Rhonda's Glasses: Arnold competes in an eating contest; Rhonda gets glasses.
5:30 AMHey Arnold! - Harold and Patty Arm Wrestle; Arnold and the Rich Guy: Harold loses an arm-wrestling match to Patty; Arnold catches an airborne hockey puck.
6:00 AMGame Shakers - Nasty Goats  : The gang discovers that a hacker has put their new game on an illegal Web site.
6:30 AMGame Shakers - A Job for Jimbo  : Dub hopes to score a duet with a famous singer, so he makes the company hire her step-grandson.
7:00 AMGame Shakers - The Girl Power Awards  : Babe and Kenzie are nominated for a Girl Power Award, but Kenzie realizes the award show is a scam.
7:30 AMGame Shakers - The Diss Track  : When a rival rapper releases a track about Double G, he is convinced to release a response track.
8:00 AMGame Shakers - Dirty Blob  : The gang must sneak into Dub's recording studio to retrieve the last remaining copy of a new game.
8:30 AMGame Shakers - Lost on the Subway  : The Game Shakers take the subway to a boxing game pitch, but forget the gloves.
9:00 AMGame Shakers - Party Crashers  : Babe and Kenzie's plans to hang with Mason are ruined when Bunny and Ruthless crash a party.
9:30 AMGame Shakers - Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons  : Babe buys herself a fancy new jacket after Dub gives the girls bonuses for Sky Whale's success.
10:00 AMGame Shakers - Trip Steals the Jet  : Feeling pressure to fit in with Trip's friends, Babe convinces Trip to borrow Dub's jet.
10:30 AMGame Shakers - You Bet Your Bunny  : The Game Shakers host a tournament to promote a new Sky Whale update; Double G bets Bunny.
11:00 AMVictorious - The Slap Fight: Tori and the gang are caught up in a competition to see who can get the most followers on The Slap.
11:30 AMVictorious - Brain Squeezers: Tori must choose three friends to compete with her in a game show.
12:00 PMVictorious - The Diddly-Bops: Tori and her friends are hired to replace the band at a child's birthday party.
12:30 PMVictorious - Wi-Fi in the Sky: Tori decides to finish a school project with Andr, Beck and Cat via video chat.
1:00 PMVictorious - The Bad Roommate: Andre stays with Tori to work on a song for class; Jade discovers an unflattering picture.
1:30 PMVictorious - One Thousand Berry Balls: Andre gets Tori a job; Cat is jealous when Robbie asks someone else to the luau.
2:00 PMVictorious - Star-Spangled Tori: Tori is invited to sing the national anthem at a televised basketball game.
2:30 PMVictorious - Tori Gets Stuck: Tori offers to donate blood despite the fact that the school play is only a few hours away.
3:00 PMVictorious - The Breakfast Bunch: Tori and the gang must spend Saturday in detention after a lunch trip gone wrong.
3:30 PMVictorious - Terror on Cupcake Street: The gang has only one night to get a float to the parade for a chance to be on television.
4:00 PMNacho Libre: To raise money for an orphanage, a Mexican cook named Ignacio moonlights as a professional wrestler.
6:00 PMZoey 101 - Hot Dean: A substitute fills in for Dean Rivers; Coco is dumped by her boyfriend.
6:30 PMZoey 101 - Quinn's Date: In hopes of initiating a spark of chemistry, Zoey organizes a date between Quinn and her crush.
7:00 PMZoey 101 - Spring Fling: The Spring Fling planning committee.
7:30 PMZoey 101 - Backpack: An employee of the PCA bookstore steals Zoey's backpack prototype.
8:00 PMZoey 101 - Time Capsule: Zoey and her friends create and bury a time capsule for future students to discover.
8:30 PMZoey 101 - Prank Week: The girls are caught trying to retaliate during prank week.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - Career Day: Shawn is temporarily homeless when his parents leave; Cory's father is boring at Career Day.
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - Home: Shawn moves in with the Matthews family temporarily, but still searches for a permanent home.
10:00 PMKenan & Kel - I'm Gonna Get You Kenan: A criminal seeks revenge on Kenan after he screws up a robbery attempt.
10:34 PMKenan & Kel - The Tainting of the Screw: The boys sue after Kenan chokes on a screw in his tuna sandwich.
11:06 PMKenan & Kel - Mental Kel-epathy: Kenan becomes convinced Kel has psychic abilities and books him on a TV talk show.
11:38 PMKenan & Kel - Doing Things the Hemingway: Getting Brianna's attention tops Kenan's list of goals.