22 October 2014

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10:00 PMHairspray: A plump Baltimore teen becomes an overnight celebrity after she wins a spot on a local dance show.
12:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Beauty and the Beasts: The savage mauling of a student leaves Angel and Oz as suspects.
1:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Homecoming: The bloodsucking Mr. Trick (K. Todd Freeman) assembles a host of killers in Sunnydale.
2:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Band Candy: Mr. Trick (K. Todd Freeman) makes Sunnydale adults act like adolescents.
3:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Revelations: Angel returns and helps the gang fight a demon who searches for a powerful weapon in Sunnydale.
4:00 AMMade - Hip Hop Dancer: Mary Beth: A girl wants to become a hip-hop dancer to build confidence.
5:00 AMMade - Hip Hop Dancer: Alissa: A learning disabled girl at a new school wants to win a talent show.
6:00 AMMade - Rapper: Emma: A preppy poet's hope to become a rapper ignites a school controversy.
7:00 AMMade - Rapper: Jermaine
8:00 AMAirplane!: A pilot afraid to fly follows his stewardess ex-girlfriend and must take over for the poisoned crew.
10:00 AMWill & Grace - Love Is in the Airplane: Grace and Will spot her ex-husband on their plane to London.
10:30 AMWill & Grace - Birds of a Feather Boa: Jack's decision to move makes Will take a close look at their friendship.
11:00 AMWill & Grace - Swish Out of Water: When Grace finds it impossible to please her mother, Jack offers to help.
11:30 AMWill & Grace - A Little Christmas Queer: The gang spends Christmas at the home of Will's mother.
12:00 PMDesigning Women - Maybe Baby: Suzanne takes up smoking; Mary Jo decides to have another baby.
12:30 PMDesigning Women - This Is Art?: Julia becomes Atlanta's hottest new artist; Suzanne accidently glues her lips together.
1:00 PMDesigning Women - Blame It on New Orleans: At a designer's convention, Mary Jo's new attitude leads her to an all-night rendezvous.
1:30 PMDesigning Women - I'll See You in Court: Mary Jo spots the man who once mugged her and has him arrested.
2:00 PMThe Nanny - Fran's Gotta Have It: Fran hopes a romantic London interlude will prompt Maxwell to commit.
2:30 PMThe Nanny - The Morning After: Maxwell asks Fran to redecorate the kitchen, to distract her.
3:00 PMThe Nanny - The Bobbie Fleckman Story: Promoter Bobbie Fleckman shoots a rock video at the Sheffields'.
3:30 PMThe Nanny - Fransom: Fran tries to raise money for a shower gift for Yetta; Cece's dog is kidnapped.
4:00 PMWill & Grace - Von Trapped: Excited about an upcoming musical, Grace plans for Will and herself to attend in costume.
4:30 PMWill & Grace - Bathroom Humor: Will, Grace and Jack embarrass themselves at Karen's party.
5:00 PMWill & Grace - Forbidden Fruit: Will's former boss asks Grace to redecorate the law firm.
5:30 PMWill & Grace - Cop to It: Will and Grace dread a dinner date with Rob and Ellen.
6:00 PMSteel Magnolias: Six Southern women gossip and kid around together, through good times and bad.
9:00 PMSteel Magnolias: Six Southern women gossip and kid around together, through good times and bad.