23 September 2017

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11:03 PMBering Sea Gold - Fight and Flight  : Shawn tries to convince potential investors that his Megadredge vision is solid.
12:04 AMAlaskan Bush People - Field of Dreams  : Billy bites off more than they can chew; a rogue bear is playing havoc with Browntown.
1:04 AMAlaskan Bush People - Wind and a Prayer  : The Browns try to close a deal to help restore their dream of a wind turbine.
2:04 AMAlaskan Bush People - Faith & Family  : Ami undergoes testing; Noah braves the dangers of the wilderness to defend the homestead.
3:00 AMFast N' Loud: Demolition Theater - Sudden Impact  : Richard, Aaron and the gang review videos; a man on a lawnmower tries to jump a fridge.
4:00 AMFast N' Loud: Demolition Theater - Party on Wreck Street  : An exploding whale makes a mess; a roof-to-truck jumper hits the ground; a driver walks away.
5:00 AMFast N' Loud: Demolition Theater - Funny Farmtruck & AZN  : Richard, Christie, Farmtruck and AZN view crazy videos; a firework sends a manhole cover flying.
6:00 AMFast N' Loud: Demolition Theater - The Return of Farmtruck and AZN  : Richard, Christie, Farmtruck and AZN explore viral videos; explosive glow stick.
7:00 AMFast N' Loud: Demolition Theater - Outlaws Rock, Monkey's Roll  : Helmet cam crashes; Ferrari mishap video; rogue tire montage.
8:00 AMThe Age of Aerospace - Going Vertical: Piasecki's Machine  : Frank Piasecki's groundbreaking designs brought the helicopter into the modern age.
9:00 AMDirty Jobs - Mosquito Control Officer: Mike is in New Orleans helping fight the mosquito infestation which has hit the city.
10:00 AMDirty Jobs - Poo Pot Maker: Mike heads to a farm specializing in making garden pots from cow manure.
11:00 AMDirty Jobs - Mule Logger: Mike gets his hands dirty digging tunnels that are used as underground wine caverns.
12:00 PMDirty Jobs - Well Digger: Mike joins Watson Water Company in search of geothermal heat and water.
1:00 PMDirty Jobs - Billboard Installer: Mike Rowe teams up with an outdoor advertising company in Texas.
2:00 PMDirty Jobs - Leather Tanner: Mike travels to Montgomery, N.Y. to learn the ancient trade of tanning leather.
3:00 PMMisfit Garage - Spurred for a Ford  : Thomas tracks down a rare original 1932 Ford Tudor; Thomas sponsors a red-hot bull rider.
4:00 PMMisfit Garage - Boom of Bust  : The Misfits continue to work on the restoration of their vintage '32 Ford.
5:00 PMMisfit Garage - Air Picking We Shall Go  : Tracking down a timeless classic - a rare '55 Chevy Belair; a '71 Buick Riviera arrives at Fired Up.
6:00 PMMisfit Garage - Chasing a Six Figure Dream  : The guys push to finish every hot rodder's dream car - a Tri Five Chevy Belair.
7:00 PMGarage Rehab - Grapevine Automotive  : Richard and his crew have less than a week to completely overhaul a Dallas automotive garage.
8:00 PMGarage Rehab - Westside Hotrods  : Richard and his crew battle the rain and make transformative renovations in a Los Angeles garage.
9:00 PMGarage Rehab - Garage Hoarders  : Richard Rawlings helps an auto garage in Roanoke, Texas, and a smog shop in Bakersfield, California.
11:00 PMFast N' Loud - Big Red Caddy, Part I  : A red '67 Cadillac convertible is given luxury treatment in an attempt to attract buyers.