29 June 2016

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11:00 PMWaking Sleeping Beauty: The history of Disney animation from the 1970s to the '90s.
12:45 AMFlowers and Trees: A sapling and a sycamore fall in love.
12:55 AMDisney Shorts - The Pied Piper  : When a piper helps a town get rid of a rat problem, the townspeople refuse to pay his fee.
1:05 AMDisney Shorts - Old King Cole  : In Storyland, characters from nursery rhyme books attend a party at Old King Cole's castle.
1:15 AMAn Adventure in Color/Mathmagicland: Donald Duck explores the world of mathematics.
2:15 AMHot Lead and Cold Feet: A town founder's last will pits his twin sons against each other in a frontier race.
4:00 AMTrenchcoat: An aspiring mystery writer hooks up with a real, live CIA agent during a two-week stay in Malta.
5:45 AMNaughty Marietta: An incognito French princess flees to New Orleans and flirts with an Indian scout.
7:30 AMRose Marie: An opera star falls for a Mountie chasing her outlaw brother.
9:30 AMMaytime: An operatic soprano recalls how she married her teacher and tragically lost the baritone she loved.
11:45 AMRosalie: A West Point football hero falls for a Vassar student, then learns she is a princess.
2:00 PMSweethearts: Married co-stars of a Broadway operetta have a big fight, split up and then get back together.
4:00 PMLet Freedom Ring: A Harvard man fights a railroad baron with a disguise and the power of the press.
5:30 PMBitter Sweet: A Victorian bride runs off to Vienna with her singing teacher. From the Noel Coward operetta.
7:15 PMMiracle of Sound
8:00 PMMacbeth: An 11th-century Scottish nobleman's wife drives him to murder his king and take over the throne.
10:00 PMHamlet: Shakespeare's melancholy Danish prince avenges his father's murder.