28 April 2017

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11:30 PMFriends - The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work: Rachel crosses swords with her temporary replacement; Phoebe wreaks havoc on soap opera set.
12:00 AMFriends - The One With Phoebe's Rats: Monica invites Rachel's rival to a party; Phoebe and Mike feed a rat litter.
12:33 AMFriends - The One Where Monica Sings: Monica receives applause on karaoke night, unaware that the audience can see through her blouse.
1:06 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - I, Stank Horse: A favored horse is in danger when Will takes his cousins to the racetrack.
1:39 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - I, Stank Hole in One: Carlton gets jealous when Will plays golf with Phil; guest Regis Philbin.
2:12 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Eye, Tooth: Carlton's Trekkie obsession keeps William Shatner from appearing on Hilary's show.
2:45 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Pilot: An inner-city wiseacre is sent to live with wealthy relatives.
3:18 AMGeorge Lopez - Split Decision: George's future at Powers Aviation is jeopardized by an accident.
3:51 AMGeorge Lopez - Bringing Home the Bacon: Angie begins to make plans for Carmen's expensive birthday party.
4:24 AMGeorge Lopez - Fishing Cubans: George, Ernie and Vic go to sea to rescue Angie's uncle after he escapes from Cuba by raft.
4:57 AMGeorge Lopez - Mementos: George gets rid of some of Angie's cherished mementos as he prepares to donate a kidney.
5:30 AMGeorge Lopez - Why You Crying?: Benny takes it upon herself to discipline Max for his obnoxious behavior at school.
6:00 AMGeorge Lopez - The Trouble With Ricky: Ernie volunteers to help Max's friend Ricky, a boy with a rough home life.
6:30 AMGeorge Lopez - God Needles George: George makes a deal with God in an attempt to save Max's dog, Mr. Needles.
7:00 AMAlvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks - The Temp; Parent Trap  : Jeanette takes Brittany's place as an assistant; Alvin enlists Dave's help with his class project.
7:30 AMAlvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks - We're the Chipmunks; Save the Dance  : The Chipmunks compete in a battle of the bands; the principal threatens to cancel the school dance.
8:00 AMRegal Academy - Vicky the Villain  : Rose and her friends fight the Wicked Stepsisters and the Guardian Dragons.
8:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Sandy's Nutmare; Bulletin Board: Sandy creates the latest in acorn-based cuisine; SpongeBob puts up a community bulletin board.
9:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Don't Look Now; Sance Schmance: SpongeBob and Patrick go to see a horror film; SpongeBob holds a sance at the Krusty Krab.
9:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - The Slumber Party; Grooming Gary: Mr. Krabs interferes with Pearl's slumber party preparations.
10:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Buried in Time; Enchanted Tiki Dreams: SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward are locked in a time capsule; SpongeBob and Patrick's dream world.
10:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Chum Bucket Supreme; Single Cell Anniversary: Plankton hires Patrick to create advertising slogans for the Chum Bucket.
11:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Pets or Pests; Komputer Overload: SpongeBob adopts a stray worm who gives birth to worm babies overnight.
11:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Drive Thru; The Hot Shot: Mr. Krabs turns a hole in the wall of his restaurant into a drive-through window.
12:00 PMPower Rangers Ninja Steel - Drive to Survive  : The Power Rangers are caught in the spider web prison of Galvanax's latest monster, Tangleweb.
12:30 PMThe Loud House - April Fools Rules; Cereal Offender  : Lincoln has a plan to avoid Luan's pranks; the Loud children make a trip to the supermarket.
1:00 PMThe Loud House - Project Loud House; In Tents Debate  : Lincoln has to get his sisters out the door so he can be on time for school.
1:30 PMThe Loud House - The Butterfly Effect; The Green House  : Lincoln spills one of Lisa's experiments, setting off a chain reaction.
2:00 PMAlvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
4:00 PMAlvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks - Overlooked; Wish Upon a Star  : Alvin borrows Simon's invisibility suit, but gets trapped; Theodore makes a wish.
4:30 PMThe Loud House - Making the Grade; Vantastic Voyage  : Lincoln's 4-year-old sister is put into his class; the children try to trick Dad into buying a van.
5:00 PMThe Loud House - Overnight Success; Ties That Bind  : Lincoln invites Clyde to a sleepover; Lincoln eavesdrops on his parents.
5:30 PMThe Loud House - Fed Up; Shell Shock  : The children plan to sabotage dinner; Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have to take care of an egg baby.
6:00 PMThe Thundermans - Aunt Misbehavin'  : Max and Phoebe surprise their mother by tracking down her long lost sister.
6:30 PMThe Thundermans - Kiss Me Nate  : Max's girlfriend auditions for the romantic lead in the school play opposite a cute boy.
7:00 PMHenry Danger - A Fiata Full of Death Bugs  : When a dangerous piata winds up at a birthday party, Kid Danger and Captain Man go under cover.
7:30 PMHenry Danger - Green Fingers  : After Schwoz creates a disease, he quarantines the infected in order to find a cure.
8:00 PMHenry Danger - Stuck in Two Holes  : Charlotte and Jasper must help when Captain Man and Kid Danger are each stuck in a hole.
8:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - I Want My Mae B. Back  : A jealous Dawn enlists the help of her brothers to separate Mae and Miles.
9:00 PMThe Thundermans - May Z-Force Be With You  : Max and Phoebe ask Cherry to secretly fill-in after Phoebe injures herself before a meeting.
9:30 PMGame Shakers - Wedding Shower of Doom  : Dub's brother shows up at Game Shakers and invites everyone except Dub to his wedding.
10:00 PMFull House - Taking the Plunge: D.J. tries to stop Kimmy from eloping with her new boyfriend.
10:30 PMFull House - Up on the Roof: When D.J.'s prank backfires, Jesse decides to take the blame.
11:00 PMFriends - The One With the Blind Dates: Joey and Phoebe conspire to send Rachel and Ross on disastrous blind dates.
11:30 PMFriends - The One With the Mugging: Joey impresses a famous actor during an audition; Ross learns mugger's identity.