24 January 2017

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:01 PMMonsters Inside Me - The Eyeball Eater: Infection is eating away a college student's eyeball; mysterious infection paralyzes 6-month-old.
12:01 AMMonsters Inside Me - The Backyard Killer: Jordan stops breathing; Suzie gets rashes and nerve pain; something is eating Melissa's blood.
1:01 AMMonsters Inside Me - The Backyard Killer: Jordan stops breathing; Suzie gets rashes and nerve pain; something is eating Melissa's blood.
2:01 AMI Shouldn't Be Alive - Crushed By a Quad Bike: A paramedic has a freak accident and is left crushed under his quad bike.
3:00 AMI Shouldn't Be Alive - Blizzard of Death: A man and his son get stranded in the mountainous wilderness of Kyrgyzstan.
4:00 AMI Shouldn't Be Alive - Chasm of Death: Three friends become trapped in a canyon.
5:00 AMThe Woman Raised by Monkeys: The story of Marina Chapman, who claims she was raised by Capuchin monkeys in the Colombian jungle.
6:00 AMOrangutan Island - Kindred Spirits: Jordan could lose his life as a conflict forms between two communities.
6:30 AMEscape to Chimp Eden - Seven Babies for a New Family: Eugene returns to Sudan to pick up seven young chimps at a safe house.
7:00 AMCats 101 - Color Point Shorthair; American Curl, Somali, Japanese Bobtail, Birman: Color point shorthair; American curl, Somali, Japanese bobtail, Birman.
8:00 AMMy Cat From Hell - Wildcat!  : Brian and Carre are fostering a wild feral cat; Duff is a cat that gets vicious.
9:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Flood: The SPCA team tries to rescue a horse that has fallen into a flooded bayou.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Breathe: An SPCA team deals with a report of a dead puppy in a backyard.
11:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Trapped Below: Tia races to save a mother dog and her puppies; a loyal parolee reaches a crossroads in his life.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Boiling Point: Tia confronts her lazy parolees; a strange-looking dog is rescued from the searing heat.
1:00 PMTanked - Give a Dog a Phone  : Things get rough at ATM when the General is left in charge; giant telephone and dog house aquariums.
2:00 PMTanked - Dining With the Fishes  : Team up with Servingware company to build table tank; Crab Corner wants replica boat aquarium.
3:00 PMTanked - When the Moon(shine) Hits Your Eye  : The Hatfield and McCoy's Dinner Theater wants an aquarium; an anatomically correct eye ball tank.
4:00 PMTanked - Thumbs Up!  : Wayde and Brett build tanks for The Thumb, a BBQ selling gas station, and Las Vegas' own Donut Bar.
5:00 PMTanked - The Winds of Trade  : Sea-life painter Guy Harvey wants ATM to build 40,000-gallon aquarium; General threatens to retire.
6:00 PMTanked - Medieval Protection  : California family wants a medieval tank; owners of military replica store wants WWII army tank tank.
7:00 PMTanked - Tanks N' Roses  : Brett and Wayde build a creepy skull themed tank for Sixx A.M. guitarist, DJ Ashba.
8:00 PMPuppy Bowl: Inside the Bowl - CB's Unforgettable Run 
8:01 PMTanked - Bill Engvall: Here's Your Tank!  : Weight restrictions throw a wrench in plans to build a Zen-like fish tank for comedian Bill Engvall.
9:01 PMTanked - NBA Wizardry  : ATM builds a giant pair of dice tank for NBA All-Star John Wall; huge lighthouse aquarium.
10:01 PMTanked - Boyz II Men to ATM  : A custom tank inside an old fireplace; an octopus exhibit for the Greensboro Science Center.
11:01 PMTanked - Dwight Howard's Slithering Slam Dunk  : Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard wants Wayde and Brett to build a new habitat for his pet snakes.