25 June 2016

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11:04 PMThe Vet Life - No Goats, No Glory  : Dr. Blue and Dr. Ross help a goat farmer while Dr. Lavigne tries to remedy a puppy's intestines.
12:05 AMDr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Sioux Journey  : Doctor Jeff performs knee surgery on a dog; helping animals on a Native American reservation.
1:06 AMDr. Jeff: Extra Dose - One More Chance 
2:07 AMDr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Street Dog  : Homeless man's 5-month-old puppy has a broken paw; x-rays reveal terrible bladder stone in dog.
3:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Elephant Seal Attack: Two divers are attacked by an elephant seal.
4:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Trouble at the Track: A steeplechase jockey is catapulted 20 feet in the air during a race.
5:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Pilot Whale Attack: A mother crocodile protects her nest.
6:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Gator Tricks Gone Bad: A Florida alligator handler attempts a new trick and fails; a man is gored by a bull in Spain.
7:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - The Moaning Cowboy: A rodeo takes an unexpected turn.
8:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Catapulted Horse Racer: A chariot racer is catapulted 40 feet in the air.
9:00 AMNorth Woods Law: On the Hunt - Trail of Trouble  : High-speed chase ensues on an ATV trail when the wardens hunt down a man with outstanding warrant.
10:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Antlers and Antics  : ATV driver tries to escape Spahr and Lounder; Pelkey's K9 searches for evidence in moose shooting.
11:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Dead Moose Talking 
12:00 PMLone Star Law - Game On  : Wardens hunt down alligator poacher who has been bragging online; Wardens search for drug smugglers.
1:00 PMLone Star Law - Caught Red Handed  : Undercover mission to stop wild animal black market; oil spill threatens wildlife in Galveston.
2:00 PMLone Star Law - Gulf Recon  : A K-9 team spends a week on a floating cabin to find drug smugglers; a woman allegedly kills owls.
3:00 PMLone Star Law - Calm Before the Storm  : Record storms, dangerous waters, flooding and tornadoes interrupt the boating and fishing patrols.
4:00 PMThe Last Alaskans - Winter's Grip  : Get the inside scoop from the last Alaskan families to live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
5:00 PMThe Last Alaskans - The Race Against Time  : The last Alaskan families to call the 19 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge home.
6:00 PMThe Last Alaskans - Saying Goodbye  : Hear from the last Alaskan families to call the refuge home and the crew that joined them.
7:00 PMThe Last Alaskans - The Sun Returns  : Hear from the last Arctic National Wildlife Refuge families to call it home.
8:00 PMThe Last Alaskans: Remote Access - Home Again  : Never-before-seen footage of Heimo building a new cabin and the Seldens stocking up on meat.
9:01 PMThe Last Alaskans: Remote Access - Only the Strong  : Never-before-seen footage of Heimo finishing the new cabin and Bob's daring river journey.
10:02 PMThe Last Alaskans: Remote Access - Survival Mode  : Never-before-seen footage of winter preparations continuing and Heimo hunting caribou.
11:03 PMNorth Woods Law: On the Hunt - To Serve and Protect  : Warden Carter must track down an injured bear; wardens search for a missing man in the woods.