2 September 2014

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11:00 PMMythBusters - Anti-Gravity Device: Christmas comes more than once a year for Adam and Jamie.
12:00 AMMythBusters - NASA Moon Landing: The team tests if NASA really did land on the Moon.
1:00 AMMythBusters - Coffin Punch: Testing myths about survival; what is bullet-proof.
2:00 AMMythBusters - Exploding Water Heater: Jamie and Adam test whether the steam a water heater creates can blast it through a roof.
3:00 AMSurvivorman - Arctic
4:00 AMSurvivorman - Sonoran Desert: The Sonoran Desert's extreme climate was home to ancient cultures.
5:00 AMSurvivorman - Canadian Boreal Forest: Les must survive with only a handful of cashews and beef jerky, one match and a multi-tool.
6:00 AMHow It's Made: Induction cooktops; truck scales; Tetra Pak containers; harmonicas.
6:30 AMHow It's Made: Baseball gloves; medical electrodes; Stetson hats.
7:00 AMHow It's Made: Pneumatic impact wrenches; cultured marble sinks; plantain chips; NASCAR stock cars.
7:30 AMHow It's Made: Jaws of life; artificial Christmas trees; soda crackers; ratchets.
8:00 AMHow It's Made: Thermometers; produce scales; aircraft painting; luxury chocolates.
8:30 AMHow It's Made: Carburetors; air conditioners; sugar.
9:00 AMHow It's Made: Combination wrenches; deli meats; golf carts; airships.
9:30 AMHow It's Made: Carbon fiber car parts; hand dryers; recycled polyester yarn; fleece.
10:00 AMHow It's Made: Escalators; Kevlar canoes; marble cheddar; disc music boxes.
10:30 AMHow It's Made: Motorcycle engines; glass; enamel sculptures; handmade paper; vaulting poles.
11:00 AMBuild It Bigger - Azerbaijan's Amazing Transformation: Azerbaijan is reinventing itself after decades of Soviet occupation; Danny Foster.
12:00 PMBuild It Bigger - Constructing Serbia's Largest Bridge: The Sava River Bridge in Belgrade will be the world's largest single pylon cable stayed bridge.
1:00 PMBuild It Bigger - Drought-Proofing Australia: After 13 years of record-breaking droughts, Melbourne looks to build a desalination plant.
2:00 PMBuild It Bigger - Building Mumbai's Modern Airport: Danny and crew attempt to rebuild the international Airport in Mumbai.
3:00 PMBuild It Bigger - Turkey's Mammoth Hydropowered Deriner Dam: Building one of the tallest and strongest dams ever made.
4:00 PMBuild It Bigger - Amsterdam's Futuristic Floating City: A radical new real estate project uses the sea to build a floating city in the Netherlands.
5:00 PMHow It's Made: Airstream trailers; horseradish; industrial steam boilers; deodorant.
5:30 PMHow It's Made: Police badges; rum; car washes; pressure gauges.
6:00 PMHow It's Made: Metal detectors; muffins; Tiffany reproductions; aircraft engines.
6:30 PMHow It's Made: Riding mowers; popcorn; cultured diamonds.
7:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Paranormal Highway of America  : Ex Deputy Sheriff Chuck Zukowski investigates reports of UFO's.
8:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka: Russian Mummy  : Three people go missing from a tiny lighthouse island; a mummified alien baby in Russia.
9:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Death From the Sky and Mexican Chubacabra  : A dead body appears out of nowhere.
10:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Siberian Lake Serpent and Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid  : An archaeologist claim to have uncovered 5 pyramids in Bosnia.
11:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka: Russian Mummy  : Three people go missing from a tiny lighthouse island; a mummified alien baby in Russia.