28 June 2017

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11:06 PMWhat on Earth? - Last Secrets of the Nazis  : Strange satellite photos point to the final secrets of the Nazis; a mysterious base in Antarctica.
12:08 AMWhat on Earth? - Omens of Armageddon  : Strange images point to apocalyptic prophesies of doomsday; a top-secret nuclear arsenal in Russia.
1:10 AMUnearthed - Hunt for King Arthur's Castle  : A castle in Scotland could be the home of King Arthur's legendary Round Table.
2:12 AMWhat on Earth? - Siberian Hell Pit  : A massive chasm appears in a remote part of the Siberian forest.
3:12 AMWhat on Earth? - Finding Vietnam's Lost POWs  : A fleet of large ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert.
4:08 AMWhat on Earth? - Inside El Chapo's Escape  : Satellite images reveal how El Chapo escaped from a high security prison in Mexico.
5:04 AMWhat on Earth? - North Korea is Burning  : An amateur archaeologist makes a fantastic discovery of not one but two forgotten pyramids in Egypt.
6:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Mystery of the Mummy Desert  : New evidence could reveal the remains of an ancient Roman city thought to be lost forever.
7:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Stonehenge of the Holy Land  : Legends of ancient giants surround a mysterious monument in the Middle East.
8:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Secret of Doomsday Mountain  : Satellites find American stealth technology; something large is lurking beneath Loch Ness.
9:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Did We Find Flight 370?  : Investigators find a new clue about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014.
10:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Ghost of Zorro  : A giant letter Z is carved into a Mexican hillside, evoking the mark of a legendary outlaw.
11:00 AMWhat on Earth? - Forbidden Cities of the Maya  : A young boy makes international headlines when he uses satellites to discover cities of the Maya.
12:00 PMStreet Science - No Gravity, No Problem  : Kevin and his team of experts investigate the strange science of invisible forces.
12:30 PMStreet Science - Curve Your Enthusiasm  : Kevin and his group of experts explore the secret science behind the laws of motion.
1:00 PMStreet Science - Flying Saucers  : Kevin and his team of science experts use a racecar to put a new twist on an old magic trick.
1:30 PMStreet Science - Fistful of Flames  : How to hold fire in the palm of your hand, what it takes to break a wine glass with sound, and more.
2:00 PMStreet Science - Rocket Blast  : Kevin and his team of experts explore the amazing science behind rockets.
2:30 PMStreet Science - Red Hot Nickel Ball  : Kevin and his team of experts explore the science behind food.
3:00 PMStreet Science - Big Bam Boom  : Kevin and his team of experts head to the streets to show how explosive hydrogen peroxide can be.
3:30 PMStreet Science - Fire Tornado  : Kevin and his team of experts explore the incredible science behind fire.
4:00 PMStreet Science - Strange Goo  : Kevin and his team of experts explore the strange science behind oobleck.
4:30 PMStreet Science - Fire Vortex  : Kevin and his team of science experts show what it takes to build a vortex cannon.
5:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Power Up  : Web stars harness the power of lasers, their minds and the world around them.
6:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Born to Be Wild  : A woman who survived an avalanche; a man who can hold his breath for more than 22 minutes.
7:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Man vs. Nature  : A glass-breaking gorilla and a speed-racing sea lion face off against a snowman in the desert.
8:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Life Hackers  : Inventors turn a bike into a car, soda into a fire extinguisher, and a jet ski into a Jetovator.
9:02 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Tons of Anarchy  : The world's biggest firework; a watermelon-destroying vacuum cannon; a giant fire tornado.
10:04 PMOutrageous Acts of Danger - Death Jump  : In a dangerous bungee jump, his life depends on the strength of two phone books weaved together.
10:35 PMOutrageous Acts of Danger - Wrecking Ball Showdown  : Todd Sampson releases a wrecking ball inches from his face in a dangerous experiment.
11:06 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Life Hackers  : Inventors turn a bike into a car, soda into a fire extinguisher, and a jet ski into a Jetovator.