22 August 2014

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10:15 PMThe Nun's Story: A cloistered Belgian nun has doubts in the Congo and World War II Europe.
1:00 AMMy Fair Lady: Professor Henry Higgins bets he can refine cockney Eliza Doolittle.
4:00 AMRobin and Marian: Aging Robin Hood finds Maid Marian in nunnery.
6:00 AMGo Naked in the World: A construction tycoon's son falls in love with a high-priced call girl his father knows well.
8:00 AMSeason of Passion: Two laid-off Australian sugar-cane cutters spend their 17th summer with their girlfriends in Sydney.
9:45 AMThe Catered Affair: An Irish cabby in the Bronx watches his wife go overboard planning their daughter's wedding.
11:30 AMThe Bounty Hunter: The Pinkerton detective agency sends a bounty hunter to find three train robbers and their loot.
1:00 PMBad Day at Black Rock: A one-armed stranger gets off the train in a dusty town and starts asking questions.
2:30 PMTorpedo Run: A Navy submarine commander and his buddy chase a Japanese aircraft carrier to blame for a tragedy.
4:15 PMIce Station Zebra: A U.S. sub commander races Soviets to a spy satellite.
7:00 PMPrivate Screenings: Ernest Borgnine: The life and career of Ernest Borgnine.
8:00 PMMarty: A plain but friendly Bronx butcher finds his soul mate in a teacher.
10:00 PMPay or Die: Police Lt. Joseph Petrosino fights New York Mafia, circa 1906.