24 June 2017

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10:30 PMFifty Shades of Grey: An inexperienced college student begins a daring affair with a controlling businessman.
1:00 AMFamously Single - What Are Those?  : Eight celebrities move into a Los Angeles loft to identify and solve their relationship issues.
2:00 AMFamously Single - Who Do You Think You Are?  : Dr. Darcy challenges the singles to step outside their comfort zones to find dates.
3:00 AMFamously Single - Will They Or Won't They?  : The singles throw a house party; Calum shares the root of his relationship issues.
4:00 AMFamously Single - Do You Trust Me?  : Somaya opens up about why she prefers dating women; the celebrities are paired up.
5:00 AMFamously Single - Who Do You Love?  : Brandi and Calum go on a date; Dr. Darcy sends the celebrities to a singles mixer.
6:00 AMFamously Single - You're Falling in Love With Me?  : With the help of Dr. Darcy, supermodel Jessica White explores her block when it comes to dating.
7:00 AMFamously Single - Wanna Be Saved?  : Aubrey pressures Pauly D. to claim her as his girlfriend; Dr. Darcy speaks to Pauly and Aubrey.
8:00 AMFamously Single - Where Do We Go From Here?  : Pauly takes Aubrey out on their first date; a party ends in a fight between Calum and Brandi.
9:00 AME! News Weekend
10:00 AMNo Strings Attached: Two lifelong friends try not to let sex ruin their relationship.
12:30 PMBotched - Most Outrageous Before & Afters  : A countdown of the top 10 most outrageous Before & Afters.
1:00 PMBotched - Stitched Up Sisters  : A pair of co-dependent sisters; a large man with a big nose; YouTuber Penny Brown.
2:00 PMBotched - Foreign Bodies  : Terry performs surgery on a woman whose nipples are too high; a patient wants to look like an alien.
3:00 PMBotched - Man Boobs  : A mother who appears to be pregnant; a woman who can't close her mouth; a gambler with man boobs.
4:00 PMBotched - Pinched Perfect  : Paul helps singer Norwood Young find his voice again by performing a revision rhinoplasty.
5:00 PMBotched - Double D-isaster  : Paul helps a female impersonator who feels uncomfortable walking the streets without makeup.
6:00 PMBotched - Super Fupa  : Terry helps a cancer survivor whose gynecologist did her tummy tuck; Paul performs a rhinoplasty.
7:00 PMBotched - Plastic Fantastic  : An ex-Playboy model wants to fix her neck and nose; Terry tries to help a nurse with one big breast.
8:00 PMBotched - The Boob Fountain Of Youth  : A drag queen seeks to rejuvenate his breast implants; a woman who wants a bigger butt.
9:00 PMBotched - Comic Proportions  : A cosplayer wants her body to be more comical; previous plastic surgery left heart on woman's butt.
10:00 PMFamously Single - Date Marry Dump  : Eight single celebrities enter an LA loft to get help from relationship expert Dr. Darcy Sterling.
11:00 PMBotched - Comic Proportions  : A cosplayer wants her body to be more comical; previous plastic surgery left heart on woman's butt.