18 August 2017

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11:30 PMAdam Ruins Everything - Adam Ruins Art  : Adam poses the question of what makes great art and why pieces visible to the masses are revered.
12:00 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - The Taunted House  : Going behind the scenes to find out how Sal gets burned in his creepy haunted house punishment.
12:30 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Nationals Disaster  : A grocery store challenge takes place in the dairy aisle; Grandma Oil contains a secret ingredient.
1:00 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Smushed  : Behind the scenes with the guys to find out the most complicated prop ever used on the show.
1:30 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - You're Cut Off  : The fake protest that broke Sal's brain; the punishment that came back to bite Sal.
2:00 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Browbeaten  : How long it took for Murr's eyebrows to grow back; behind the scenes with Sal, Murr, Q and Joe.
2:30 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Statue of Limitations  : The Times Square restaurant that shut down; the Joker that puckers up to a boatload of bacteria.
3:00 AMAdam Ruins Everything - Adam Ruins What We Learned in School  : Adam shows that Columbus didn't discover America and that King Tut was a dud.
3:30 AMAdam Ruins Everything - Adam Ruins Art  : Adam poses the question of what makes great art and why pieces visible to the masses are revered.
4:00 AMThe Chris Gethard Show - Innocuous Opinions, Dire Consequences  : Comic John Mulaney joins Chris and the crew.
5:00 AMBilly on the Street - Death Rogen, With Special Guest Seth Rogen!  : Billy and Seth Rogen hit the streets for a new segment; Sarah and Billy play a Thanksgiving game.
5:30 AMBilly on the Street - Lupita Nyong'o: Bring the Pain  : Billy is joined by Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o for the brand new game Gay or Old.
6:00 AMBilly on the Street - Aziz on the Street!  : Billy is joined by Aziz Ansari to play the brand new game ``Is This a Kanye West Quote or Not?''
6:30 AMBilly on the Street - Curbside Conga Line with James Corden!  : Talk-show host James Corden helps Billy appeal to the masses; actor Robin Lord Taylor (``Gotham'').
7:00 AMBilly on the Street - Super Sloppy Semi-Automatic Double Dare! With Keegan-Michael Key  : Keegan-Michael Key plays ``Name 10 Gay People''; playing ``Walking Dead or Talking Dead?''
7:30 AMBilly on the Street - The NY Bubble with Stephen Colbert  : Stephen Colbert plays ``La La Land or Nicki Minaj;'' contestant Elena is back to answer questions.
8:00 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - The Blunder Years  : Go behind the scenes as the guys try to justify getting humiliated at a convenience store.
8:30 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - The Permanent Punishment  : The guys provide a false sense of security to shoppers at a drug store.
9:00 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Wrapper's Delight  : Q shocks everyone at Hooters; what ``mondo dook'' really means.
9:30 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Training Day  : Joe, Sal, Q and Murr reveal what Joe does every morning before work.
10:00 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Not Safe for Work  : Q, Sal, Murr and Joe share how long Murr had to hold each pose for his nude modeling punishment.
10:30 AMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Captain Fatbelly  : Murr, Sal, Q and Joe share what prop was sterilized after Joe's turn.
11:00 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - Sets Itself, Lights Itself  : Losing a credit card; sloppy handwriting reveals calligraphy; chinaware sets itself.
11:30 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - Drone Care  : Michael nukes petal popping flowers and sheds light on frog mutation.
12:00 PMThe Carbonaro Effect - House of Horrors  : Michael gets textually active with the world's thinnest disposable phone.
12:30 PMThe Carbonaro Effect - Incredibly Unsettling  : Michael proves one is what one drinks; derailing a commuter's sense of reality.
1:00 PMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Jokers Playhouse  : Going behind the scenes to discover how hard it is to keep a straight face.
1:30 PMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Parks & Wreck  : An uncomfortable poolside encounter; presenting a shocking initiative to a community planning board.
2:00 PMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Bathroom Break  : Seeing how many laser nipples one man can stand; sexy fireman rescues Sal from bathroom of horrors.
2:30 PMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Bidder Loser  : The reaction to Sal burying his niece in the park; the outcome of a Joker vs. Joker challenge.
3:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Flatfoot the Pirate  : Q, Sal, Joe and Murr explain why they've been doused with water at the mall.
3:30 PMImpractical Jokers: After Party - Flatfoot the Pirate  : Joey Fatone, Sal and Joe discuss tonight's episode; Sal learns about FOMO.
4:00 PMThe Chris Gethard Show - The Official TCGS Dum-Dum  : Chris Gethard; guests Jordan Klepper and Julie Klausner.
5:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Out of Fashion  : Taste test with embarrassing survey questions; haggling at a flea market; gas-station attendants.
5:30 PMImpractical Jokers - The Alliance  : The Jokers are challenged to hold in their laughter during presentations designed to crack them up.
6:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Clash of the Jokers  : The guys battle head-to-head in fierce Joker vs. Joker challenges.
6:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Tooth & Consequences  : The guys attempt to sway focus groups with fragrance campaigns that truly stink.
7:00 PMI'm Sorry - Divorce Fantasy  : Andrea pushes her divorced friend Jennifer back into dating so she can live vicariously through her.
7:30 PMI'm Sorry - Too Slow  : Andrea looks to expose Amelia to new role models after Amelia asks about different families.
8:00 PMAdam Ruins Everything - Adam Ruins Dating  : Adam exposes flaws in dating sites; the existence of alpha males (and wolves); personality tests.
8:30 PMAdam Ruins Everything - Adam Ruins Having a Baby  : Adam dispels the myth about getting pregnant after 35 and delves into breastfeeding vs. formula.
9:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Fe-Mail  : It's spa day for the Jokers; Sal reveals his secret identity.
9:30 PMImpractical Jokers - The Parent Trap  : Stuck in a grocery post-it showdown; a time-out for outrageous behavior at a kids' play space.
10:00 PMImpractical Jokers - The Butt of the Joker  : Focus group presentations; the night's loser tries to cure the public of a nasty habit.
10:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Medium, Well Done  : Murr, Sal, Q and Joe pose as TV execs to pitch shows; the big loser undergoes a psychic reading.
11:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Virtual Insanity  : Tonight's big loser virtually loses his mind after entering a world he's never visited before.
11:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Water Torture  : Tonight's punishment leaves one Joker soaked, enraged, and totally shocked.