1 March 2017

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11:00 PMTIME: The Kalief Browder Story - The System  : Kalief Browder seeks justice for his three-year imprisonment at Rikers Island and wrongful arrest.
12:00 AMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Jake Tapper  : Journalist Jake Tapper.
12:34 AMThe Game - Mommy Dearest: Chardonnay plans an extravagant vow-renewal ceremony; Pookie and Tasha butt heads.
1:17 AMThe Game - This Is Happening: Kelly throws Tasha a surprise baby shower; Keira accepts an acting role out of state.
2:00 AMThe Wendy Williams Show: Donny Deutsch stops by to weigh in on the latest headlines; hot topics; Ask Wendy.
3:00 AMThe Real - Shekinah; Loni's Single and Satisfied; Buy It or Deny It!; Hostess With the Mostest  : Loni Love talks about being single; the staff tries products and gadgets; guest co-host Shekinah.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMAbundant Life: Paul and Glenda Scanlon.
6:00 AMAbundant Life: Paul and Glenda Scanlon.
6:30 AMStop Suffering: Two pastors attempt to help people believe in themselves and see the positive side of life.
7:00 AMJoseph Prince - Find Hope and Refuge in Dark Times  : Finding hope, safety and refuge in the heavenly Father.
7:30 AMJoyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life: Author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer shares encouragement to help people enjoy daily life.
8:00 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Back to School: Musician Steve Hightower becomes an inner-city music teacher.
8:36 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Dead Dog Walking: When Bullethead gets arrested, Steve finds out that being a teacher doesn't end at 5 p.m.
9:12 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Mr. Hightower's Opus: Regina bets Steve he can't organize a band before the school banquet.
9:48 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - The Rock: Sara and Romeo get caught in the closet together, sparking scurrilous rumors.
10:22 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Brush With Greatness: Romeo uses Sophia's painting to win first place in an art contest; Cedric goes on a shopping spree.
10:58 AMBeyond the Lights: A rising singer struggles with success and finds comfort in the arms of an aspiring politician.
2:30 PMObsessed: A stalker from the workplace threatens the idyllic life of a happily married man.
5:15 PMTyler Perry's Meet the Browns - Meet the Ex: Will's free-spirited ex-girlfriend shows up as a donor for a charity benefit.
6:00 PMTyler Perry's Meet the Browns - Meet the E.R.: When Brown is shot during a robbery at a convenience store, his pride hurts more than his body.
6:45 PMTyler Perry's Meet the Browns - Meet the Secret: Joaquin's Little League coach is a pedophile; Cora tries to convince Brown to make a will.
7:30 PMBrotherly Love: A high-school basketball star in West Philadelphia faces life-changing decisions.
10:00 PMThe Quad - Quicksand  : President Eva Fletcher tracks the identity of the students in the leaked security video.
11:15 PMMartin - Go Tell It on the Martin: Martin's holiday cable show attracts a Santa who threatens to blow up the station.