27 May 2017

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11:01 PMRiver Monsters - Vampires of the Deep: Jeremy visits a waterfall in the Pacific Northwest where an ancient creature allegedly resides.
12:01 AMRiver Monsters - Cold Blooded Horror: Jeremy Wade travels to Japan, searching for two legendary monsters.
1:01 AMRiver Monsters - Jungle Killer: Jeremy Wade sets out for South America to find a monster.
2:01 AMRiver Monsters - Freshwater Shark: Jeremy investigates the bull shark.
3:00 AMRiver Monsters - American Killers: Jeremy searches for a modern-day ``Jaws'' in Florida's Indian River Lagoon.
4:00 AMRiver Monsters - Russian Killer: A mammoth predator resides in the waters of eastern Russia's Amur River.
5:00 AMRiver Monsters - Mongolian Mauler: Jeremy stalks a rare river beast in Mongolia while minding the armed outlaws in the wilderness.
6:00 AMRiver Monsters - Bone Crusher: Wade faces one of his greatest fears to uncover increasing missing persons cases.
7:00 AMRiver Monsters - Jungle Terminator: Wade teams up with a local tribe to solve three mysterious deaths in three countries.
8:00 AMRiver Monsters - River of Blood: Wade comes face-to-face with one of South America's greatest freshwater fighting fish.
9:00 AMRiver Monsters - Body Snatcher: The rivers of Guyana may host a real freshwater mermaid that the locals call the Water Mama.
10:00 AMRiver Monsters - Mekong Mutilator: A monstrous fish in the Mekong River has sliced clean through a young man's testicle.
11:00 AMRiver Monsters - Africa's Deadliest: Jeremy returns to the Okavango Delta to re-investigate the capsized boat predator.
12:00 PMRiver Monsters - Alaska's Cold Water Killer: A recent fatal incident in the Alaskan wilderness sends Jeremy on a quest for possible suspects.
1:00 PMRiver Monsters - Canadian Horror: Jeremy Wade investigates rumors of a twenty-foot lake monster that attacks people.
2:00 PMRiver Monsters - South Pacific Terrors: Jeremy Wade searches for a Fijian killer of local folklore, but there may be more than one.
3:00 PMRiver Monsters - Razorhead: Reports of a creature terrorizing the Florida Keys that is so violent it slices through flesh.
4:00 PMRiver Monsters - Terror in Paradise: Jeremy Wade hunts the West Indies for the half-shark, half-octopus known as the Lusca.
5:00 PMRiver Monsters - Devil of the Deep: Jeremy goes on a dangerous mission to Peru where he discovers a deep-sea devil.
6:00 PMRiver Monsters - Deep Sea Demon: Questing after a legendary sea serpent; trekking from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea.
7:00 PMRiver Monsters - Death Down Under: Six men disappear in the remote waters of Northern Australia; facing Australia's deadliest animals.
8:00 PMRiver Monsters: Unfinished Business
9:00 PMRiver Monsters - Malaysian Lake Monster: After two men vanish from a remote lake in Malaysia, Jeremy sets out to find the possible culprit.
10:00 PMExpedition Mungo - Living Dinosaur of Liberia  : A massive prehistoric, crocodilian creature known as the Gbahali kills people in Liberia.
11:02 PMRiver Monsters - Malaysian Lake Monster: After two men vanish from a remote lake in Malaysia, Jeremy sets out to find the possible culprit.