3 July 2015

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11:30 PMCops: Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.
12:00 AMJail: A man is brought in for disorderly conduct; a man is booked for trespassing.
12:30 AMJail: The jails of Austin, Texas; Wayne, N.J.
1:00 AMJail: A look at Jails in Portland, Ore., Las Vegas, Nev. and Austin, Texas.
1:30 AMJail: A young woman is brought in for battery of a police officer; a man is taken for urinating in public.
2:00 AMJail: The jails of Salt Lake City, Utah; Austin, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas.
2:30 AMJail - Much Needed Medicine: A man is booked on public intoxication; a man is arrested for sexual battery; a man is arrested.
3:00 AMJail: A look at jails in Las Vegas, Nev., Portland, Ore. and Tacoma, Wash.
3:30 AMJail: Las Vegas: A meth user tries to prove he is tough; a drunk woman's rage; officers find a couple's meth stash.
4:00 AMKnife Show/Cutlery Corner
6:00 AMBosley Hair Restoration: Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution.
6:30 AMFree Money in Your Pocket. Learn. Find It Now!: NEW. Simple information that shows you how to find Free Money for bills, child care, food & more!
7:00 AMJillian Michaels BODYSHRED: Get a Strong, Sexy and SHREDDED Body: Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED is 10 incredible 30-minute workouts to totally transform your body.
7:30 AMBEACH BODIES OF 2015!: An hour's worth of results in 25 minutes. From the creators of Insanity & P90X comes Focus T25.
8:00 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
8:30 AMEat To Lose! Eat To Win! Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo: Break down whole foods, ice & seeds for maximum nutrient extraction in the Nutri Ninja Cups.
9:00 AMRocky: Heavyweight champ Apollo Creed gives Philadelphia club fighter Rocky Balboa a title shot.
12:00 PMRocky II: Underdog Philadelphia fighter Rocky Balboa gets another shot at heavyweight champ Apollo Creed.
3:00 PMRocky III: Old foe Apollo Creed trains ex-boxing champ Rocky Balboa for a rematch with brutish Clubber Lang.
5:30 PMRocky IV: Champ Rocky Balboa trains in Siberia for a bout against a lab-tested Soviet with a 2000-psi punch.
7:30 PMRocky V: Broke, punchy Rocky trains hungry contender.
10:00 PMRocky: Heavyweight champ Apollo Creed gives Philadelphia club fighter Rocky Balboa a title shot.