30 July 2016

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10:05 PMSummer of Sam: People deal with serial killings in their neighborhood.
12:30 AMWrong Side of Town: A former Navy SEAL must save his kidnapped daughter from a vengeful man.
2:00 AMThe Stanford Prison Experiment: A psychology experiment in which students pretend to be prisoners and guards gets out of hand.
4:05 AMThe Accidental Spy: A private detective enlists the aid of a heroic salesman to help him find a Hong Kong orphan.
5:35 AMBronx Obama: An unemployed man becomes a Barack Obama impersonator, and chases the American dream.
7:10 AMThe Jam: About the Young Idea: The British pop band spearheads the punk movement in the U.K.
8:40 AMWalking on Sunshine: A bride is unaware that her fiance and sister were once deeply in love.
10:20 AMBegin Again: A life-changing bond develops between a disgraced music producer and a talented singer.
12:05 PMThe Seven Five: Former NYPD officer Michael Dowd talks about his many years of illegal activities while on the job.
1:50 PMLost in Translation: A middle-aged actor falls for a young woman in Tokyo.
3:35 PMThe Hundred-Foot Journey: A haughty French restaurateur objects to an Indian eatery next to her acclaimed establishment.
5:40 PMGood Kill: An Air Force drone pilot stationed in Las Vegas begins to question the ethics of his job.
7:25 PMBackcountry: Two wilderness hikers become lost in a dangerously aggressive bear's territory.
9:00 PMUnnatural: Cabin dwellers in the Alaskan wild fight for their lives against a genetically modified polar bear.
10:30 PMVenom: A killer stalks teens in the swamps of Louisiana.