23 May 2015

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10:00 PMThe Trial: Kafka's innocent Joseph K. is arrested and held by ominous police but never told why.
12:15 AMThe Immortal Story: A bitter merchant tries to bring to life a legend of a sailor who seduces a rich man's wife.
1:30 AMF for Fake: Orson Welles' study of infamous frauds includes Clifford Irving's literary hoax about Howard Hughes.
3:00 AMRembrandt: Already famous, the Dutch painter marries, flirts and dies alone.
4:30 AMThe Moon and Sixpence: A British stockbroker leaves his wife and goes to Tahiti to paint. From the Somerset Maugham book.
6:00 AMThirty Seconds Over Tokyo: Lt. Col. James Doolittle leads B-25s off the USS Hornet's deck on a 1942 mission to bomb Japan.
8:30 AMDestination Tokyo: A submarine captain handles Tokyo Bay, depth charges, a lodged bomb and a crewman's appendectomy.
10:45 AMAir Force: A B-17 Flying Fortress crew reaches Pearl Harbor too late, then continues on to the Philippines.
1:00 PMCaptains of the Clouds: Two brash bush pilots join the Royal Canadian Air Force and see action during World War II.
3:00 PMDive Bomber: A squadron commander tests a high-altitude suit developed by Navy doctors to prevent blackout.
5:30 PMTwelve O'Clock High: Allied officers run bombing raids out of England.
8:00 PMFriendly Persuasion: Indiana Quakers disagree over their son's desire to join the Civil War.
10:30 PMGlory: Col. Robert Gould Shaw trains and leads an all-black regiment during the U.S. Civil War.