21 November 2014

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11:00 PMLife Below Zero - The Waiting Game  : Life returns to Alaska, but the Arctic wilderness remains challenging.
12:00 AMLife Below Zero - Opportunity Knocks  : Daughters hunt caribou to survive off the land; a project to reduce the strain of physical labor.
1:00 AMLive Free or Die - Hog Wild  : Extra garden wealth for trading; turkey-hunting season; tracking wild hogs; leaving dry land.
2:00 AMLive Free or Die - The Bears and the Bees  : Gabriel's search for meat continues; Tony and Amelia tend to bees; Thorn tracks food a bear took.
3:00 AMHard Time - Misfits & Outcasts: Not fitting in with the crowd can be a dangerous option in jail.
4:00 AMHard Time - The Hustle: Three inmates in an Ohio prison try different strategies to help deal with the challenges they face.
5:00 AMHard Time - Against the Wall: Newly convicted inmates get their last look at the free world when they enter intake prison in Ohio.
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMSexy Face at Any Age: Joan Lunden and other celebrities share their secrets for younger-looking skin in just 30 days!
7:00 AMHumana Medicare Advantage Plans: The Medicare annual election period ends on December 7. Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
7:30 AMFree NutriBullet offer!: Buy 1, get 1 Free! Learn how the NutriBullet can help you feel better than you have in years!
8:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
8:30 AMGuilt Free Frying By Philips: Fry, bake, roast and grill with little to no oil. Now you can eat healthier.
9:00 AMWorld's Deadliest - Sharks  : The planet's deadliest sharks.
10:00 AMWorld's Deadliest - Ultimate Predators  : Highly feared predators.
11:00 AMCar SOS - Beetle Mania  : Surprising bankrupt Beetle owner by revamping rusted car.
12:00 PMCar SOS - Phoenix Jeep  : Tim and Fuzz revamp a World War II veteran's beloved Willys Jeep after it was targeted by arsonists.
1:00 PMAlaska State Troopers - DUI on the 4th of July: The troopers face out-of-control partiers and a search-and-rescue mission on melting ice.
2:00 PMBorder Wars - Million Dollar Stash: Agents pursue a pickup truck loaded with drugs from Mexico; a vehicle inspections uncovers heroin.
3:00 PMJFK: The Final Hours: The final day of Kennedy's life through first-hand accounts.
5:00 PMThe Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination: News footage, radio reports, audio recordings and home movies of the day the president died.
7:00 PMThe 80's: The Decade That Made Us - Lift Off  : America learns to feel good about itself again, kick-starting a decade of innovation.
8:00 PMThe 80's: The Decade That Made Us - Shop 'til You Drop  : America leaves recession and falls in love with retail therapy.
9:00 PMEAT: The Story of Food - Food Revolutionaries  : Influential figures throughout the history of food; spotlights on chef Julia Child and many others.
10:00 PMEAT: The Story of Food - Carnivores  : Humankind's insatiable appetite for meat throughout history and keeping up with the demand.
11:00 PMEAT: The Story of Food - Food Revolutionaries  : Influential figures throughout the history of food; spotlights on chef Julia Child and many others.