22 September 2017

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11:00 PMDrain the Ocean: Deep Sea Mysteries: What it would be like if we could empty the ocean, draining water away to reveal a hidden world.
12:00 AMDrain the Pirate City: Revealing the 33-acre sunken city of Port Royal in Jamaica's Kingston Harbor for the first time.
1:00 AMBigfoot: The New Evidence - Yeti 
2:00 AMBigfoot: The New Evidence - Sasquatch 
3:00 AMBigfoot: The New Evidence - Russian Bigfoot 
4:00 AMThe Whale That Ate Jaws: A killer whale attacks a great white shark off the coast of California and eats only the liver.
5:00 AMMystery Bear of the Arctic: A scientific inquiry is made into the exact nature of a strange animal.
6:00 AMChuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino: It's the most definitive collection of 50's oldies ever offered with teen idols and more.
6:30 AMBISSELL CrossWave All-In-One-Multi-Surface-Cleaner: The BISSELL CrossWave(R) All-In-One multi-surface floor cleaner quickly and effortlessly cleans.
7:00 AMNEW Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology: Includes Duo Clean Technology, Pet multi tool, Duster crevice tool & FREE Canister Conversion Kit.
7:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
8:00 AMNew! Get Cindy Crawford's anti-aging discovery: New skin care discoveries from Cindy Crawford in 2017! Get 3 free gifts and free shipping today!
8:30 AM24 Ladders in 1: Little Giant Ladder system is a revolutionary adjustable unit that can transform.
9:00 AMYukon Gold - Know When to Run  : Ken's mine runs out of fuel; Karl has major problems with his sluice; Big Al follows his gut.
10:00 AMYukon Gold - Paydirt Mountain  : Following intrepid miners hell-bent on finding gold in the Yukon's untouched terrain.
11:00 AMYukon Gold - Handful of Gold  : Ken and Guillaume fight a flooding creek; Karl waits for his sluicer; Big Al hunts smart gold.
12:00 PMYukon Gold - The Curse of Moose Creek  : Ken believes his gold camp may be cursed; Bernie moves his entire operation out of McDame Creek.
1:00 PMYukon Gold - Gold Fever!  : Ken considers firing a worker; Big Al's camp faces a total shutdown due to equipment problems.
2:00 PMYukon Gold - Hard Days Night  : Ken's wife visits the camp; Karl's hopes for a payday fade as the season reaches the halfway point.
3:00 PMYukon Gold - Never Say Die  : Ken moves across Moose Creek in an effort to change his luck; Bernie's junior crew makes mistakes.
4:00 PMYukon Gold - Run for the Narrows  : Cold weather threatens the miners' operations; Karl's workers hunt moose; Big Al battles beavers.
5:00 PMYukon Gold - Big Money Throwdown  : Winter has arrived, bringing mining season to its end; Ken and Dennis attempt a tricky drive.
6:00 PMYukon Gold - The Last Stand  : Ken uncovers a mother lode of gold; breakdowns threaten to bring an early end to Bernie's season.
7:00 PMYukon Gold - On the Gold  : The Yukon miners race with the cold weather to get their last bit of pay dirt out of the ground.
8:00 PMEaster Island Underworld: Explorers and scientists attempt to map the vast cave system beneath the island.
9:00 PMAmerica Before Columbus: Evidence reveals that the country already had millions of inhabitants before Europeans arrived.
11:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Title Fight  : With only two days left to fish, the captains battle it out in a close finish.