19 September 2014

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10:00 PMThomasine & Bushrod: Bank-robber lovers flee by automobile from a sheriff in the 1910s Southwest.
12:00 AMShaft: A Harlem mob boss hires a private eye to find his kidnapped daughter.
2:00 AMAaron Loves Angela: Young lovers dare to cross ethnic lines in a rough part of New York.
4:00 AMShaft in Africa: The private eye from New York busts the man behind an Africa-to-Europe slave ring.
6:00 AMParole Girl: An ex-convict falls in love with the store manager who caught her.
7:30 AMThree Wise Girls: Three small-town women come to New York City seeking romance and financial success.
8:45 AMLady Killer: A New York usher turns mobster, then goes to Hollywood and becomes a movie star.
10:15 AMPossessed: A Pennsylvanian leaves her small-town suitor and becomes a rich New York lawyer's mistress.
11:45 AMTwo Seconds: A riveter reviews his life in the time it takes for him to die in the electric chair.
1:00 PMThe Little Giant: A Chicago bootlegger goes west after Prohibition and mixes with the horsy set.
2:30 PMThe Mind Reader: A carnival con man thrives as a fake swami, but his wife wants him honest.
3:45 PMBeauty and the Boss: A titled Viennese bank president winds up marrying his wide-eyed secretary.
5:00 PMWaterloo Bridge: A soldier falls for a woman in an air raid.
6:30 PMHot Saturday: Townspeople gossip about an engaged woman and a playboy after they spend an innocent day together.
8:00 PMBlonde Venus: A nightclub singer becomes a playboy's mistress to support her son and ailing husband.
9:45 PMI'm No Angel: A sideshow performer in a one-ring circus sues her boyfriend for breach of promise.
11:30 PMShe Done Him Wrong: Gay '90s saloonkeeper Diamond Lou shoots another woman, seduces a missionary and sings.