30 November 2015

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10:15 PMThe Last Hunt: A buffalo hunter has a falling-out with his partner, who kills for fun.
12:15 AMThe Flying Fleet: Six cadets at Annapolis train for the Navy Air Corps, but only two make the grade.
2:00 AMFellini Satyricon: Two students embark on an orgy amid grotesque figures in ancient Rome.
4:15 AMThe White Sheik: A honeymooner in Rome meets her comic-strip hero, the White Sheik.
6:00 AMSeven Days Ashore: Two merchant marines bail out a playboy shipmate with three women, two of them violinists.
7:30 AMSmart Girls Don't Talk: A New York socialite gets chummy with a racketeer and talks.
9:00 AMAlways Leave Them Laughing: A small-time comic switches to original material, becomes a hit and gets his own TV show.
11:00 AMColorado Territory: A noble outlaw plans to retire after one last heist with his gang.
12:45 PMFlaxy Martin: A mob lawyer is framed for murder and goes to prison after dumping his gangland girlfriend.
2:15 PMThe Girl From Jones Beach: An illustrator poses as a Czech emigrant to woo a teacher who resembles his composite dream girl.
3:45 PMGreat Day in the Morning: Two women vie for a Denver saloonkeeper caught in a gold rush before the Civil War.
5:30 PMThe Silver Chalice: A Greek sculpts a holder for Christ's cup after the Last Supper.
8:00 PMPather Panchali: A family struggles in a poor Bengal village.
10:30 PMAparajito: A university student loses sight of his roots.