30 April 2017

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11:00 PMCasey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery - Little Girl Lost  : Casey Anthony insists her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, has been abducted by the nanny.
12:00 AMCasey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery - A Shallow Grave  : The defense makes shocking allegations, while the prosecution reveals its theory of how Caylee died.
1:00 AMCasey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery - Ten Hours, Forty Minutes  : As the Casey Anthony trial continues, the defense takes center stage.
2:00 AMUndercover Boss - Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates: Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates President Rick Tigner goes under cover.
3:00 AM48 Hours: Hard Evidence - Follow the Money: A real estate mogul accused of swindling $40 million is murdered.
4:00 AM48 Hours: Hard Evidence - Every Picture Tells a Story: Cameras found in a dead woman's closet provide clues about her killer.
5:00 AMDr. Phil - Dangerous Minds: Women Who Snap: Parents of children killed by their grandmother; a woman intentionally burns her own face.
6:00 AMDateline on OWN - Mystery in Mustang  : Keith Bryan, a local fireman that recently reconciled with his wife, dies after a brutal attack.
7:00 AMDr. Phil - When Should I Commit My Kids?: A couple struggles to parent children with behavorial disorders.
8:00 AMDr. Phil - My Teen Can't Stand My Husband: Two families struggle to make peace between teen girls and their stepfathers.
9:00 AMDr. Phil - My Teen Can't Stand Her Stepfather: Guests return to reveal a new bombshell that makes their home life more unbearable than ever.
10:00 AMDr. Phil - Brutal Beauties: A teen says she loves to fight and proudly posts videos of the brawls online.
11:00 AMDr. Phil - We Believe Our Daughter Is Running With Gangs and a Danger to Our Granddaughter: Emotions run high when Sarah's family confront her with evidence they found of her life of crime.
12:00 PMDr. Phil - Oversexed and Unprotected: Three 21-year-old, self-professed ladies' men say they have had sex with scores of women.
1:00 PMDr. Phil - Smart Women, Dumb Choices?: Legal analyst Lisa Bloom provides words of wisdom to help women get ahead.
2:00 PMDateline on OWN - Mystery at Ascot Estates  : Brett Parker returns home to find the dead bodies of his wife and her friend in his home.
3:00 PMDateline on OWN - Graduation Night  : A group of Detroit natives try to solve a murder and clear the names of Tommy and Ray Highers.
4:00 PMDateline on OWN - Fatal Attraction  : Beth Lochtefeld always wanted love and when she met Tom Toolan, life seemed perfect.
5:00 PMDateline on OWN - Betrayal  : Successful local realtor Julia Keller vanishes after a night out with her new boyfriend.
6:00 PMDateline on OWN - Deadly Deceit  : A 23-year-old was crushed to death by a truck in his father's driveway.
7:00 PMDateline on OWN - Deadly Desire  : Life seems perfect for Rob and Kandi Hall until Kandi begins an affair with her new boss.
8:00 PMDateline on OWN - A Sister's Search  : Budding Hollywood star Aasha Davis' sister, Lesley, goes missing after a flight with her husband.
9:00 PMDateline on OWN - At Close Range  : Family members and colleagues worried when superintendent Keith Reed didn't show at a conference.
10:00 PMDateline on OWN - Behind Closed Doors  : Joseph Morrisey enjoys a quiet night with his family until someone breaks in and kills him.
11:00 PMDateline on OWN - A Sister's Search  : Budding Hollywood star Aasha Davis' sister, Lesley, goes missing after a flight with her husband.