25 January 2015

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10:00 PMAustin Powers in Goldmember: Austin goes back to 1975 to rescue his captive father.
12:00 AMSweet November: An executive and a woman negotiate personal ties.
2:30 AMRules of Engagement - Jeff's Wooby: Audrey makes a quilt out of Jeff's favorite T-shirts and the gift is a bigger hit than she imagined.
3:00 AMRules of Engagement - Mr. Fix-It: Jeff tries to solve a problem that Audrey has with a neighbor, but he ends up making it worse.
3:30 AMRules of Engagement - Fix Ups & Downs: Jeff's candor foils Audrey and Jennifer's attempt to fix up two of their friends.
4:00 AMRules of Engagement - A Visit From Fay: Audrey warns Jennifer about the judgmental tendencies of a mother-in-law when Adam's mother visits.
4:30 AMRaising Hope - I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back: Following revelations into their family history, the Chances must fight for custody of Hope.
5:00 AMRaising Hope - Toy Story: Burt lets Jimmy in on a holiday scheme; Virginia enlists the family in the church's living Nativity.
5:30 AM30 Rock - Florida: When Jack persuades Liz to go to Florida with him, they make a shocking discovery about his mother.
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMIn Search of the Lord's Way With Phil Sanders: Phil Sanders shares messages based on the New Testament.
7:30 AMPerricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D: Don't let your neck make you look too old! Look visibly younger with Cold Plasma Sub-D.
8:00 AMThe Key of David: ``The Key of David'' analyzes current world events through the clear light of Bible prophecy.
8:30 AMTomorrow's World: Bible reading for positive living and prophecy.
9:00 AMIn the Heat of the Night - Don't Look Back: Gillespie is stalked by a killer who re-created a bizarre 20-year-old murder.
10:00 AMIn the Heat of the Night - Don't Look Back: As Tibbs and Gillespie fight for control of the department, a murderer stalks Gillespie.
11:00 AMIn the Heat of the Night - Accused: Charges of rape against Bubba test the loyalties of Gillespie and Tibbs.
12:00 PMIn the Heat of the Night - Fifteen Forever: Ex-police Capt. Dugan suspends retirement to probe three deaths.
1:00 PMParks and Recreation - New Beginnings: Leslie and Ben start new jobs; Donna, April and Andy prank Ben; Ann and Chris consider the future.
1:30 PMSweet November: An executive and a woman negotiate personal ties.
4:00 PMSummer Catch: A baseball pitcher falls for a beautiful girl while playing for a prestigious league on Cape Cod.
6:00 PMHappy Feet: A penguin who cannot sing expresses himself, instead, through tap-dancing. Animated.
8:00 PMAustin Powers in Goldmember: Austin goes back to 1975 to rescue his captive father.
10:00 PMSalem - Survivors  : An old nemesis of Alden's arrives in Salem with secrets that could destroy him.
11:00 PMWrestling With Death - Charity  : Lafonce decides to cover part of the cost for the funeral of a man with no close family ties.
11:30 PMWrestling With Death - Facing Fears  : When the funeral home becomes overwhelmed with business, Lafonce requests additional help.