29 May 2017

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11:05 PMFriday Night Tykes: Steel Country - The City Is on Our Shoulders  : A champion is crowned in Beaver County; Central Valley takes on Aliquippa.
12:16 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Brain Doe: The CSIs discover a brain without a corresponding body at a crash site.
1:16 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Crime After Crime: After three seemingly unrelated murders occur, the team uncovers a plot for revenge.
2:16 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Zippered: The team works with the FBI to investigate the death of a ballistics expert.
3:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Albatross: A judge is killed during the re-creation of a famous duel; the detectives question his duel partner.
4:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - World's Fair: Detectives Logan and Wheeler investigate when a Pakistani woman is found murdered.
5:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Double Strands: When a dancer is raped by a man with a unique tattoo, Rollins notices similarities to other cases.
6:00 AMTeam Ninja Warrior - Qualifying Week 6  : Drew Drechsel and Ryan Stratis are two of the captains in the episode.
7:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Genetic Disorder: When Dr. Robbins' wife finds a nude corpse in their bedroom, it begins an investigation.
8:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Ms. Willows Regrets: When a professional hit takes place at a law firm, Willows helps the FBI investigate.
9:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Willows in the Wind: The team must say goodbye to Catherine Willows after she makes a life-altering decision.
10:00 AMNCIS - Power Down: The team's investigation into a lieutenant's death is connected to a citywide blackout.
11:00 AMNCIS - Child's Play: Thanksgiving plans are put on hold while the team investigates the horrific death of a Marine.
12:00 PMNCIS - Faith: The team thinks a dead enlisted man may be the victim of a hate crime.
1:00 PMNCIS - Ignition: When a Navy pilot is found dead in a secluded area, the team must battle a no-nonsense attorney.
2:00 PMNCIS - Flesh and Blood: Gibbs questions DiNozzo's ability to do his job when the elder DiNozzo gets involved.
3:00 PMNCIS - Jet Lag: An assassin targets the government's key witness in an embezzlement case.
4:00 PMNCIS - Masquerade: A terrorist group threatens to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington, D.C.
5:00 PMNCIS - Jurisdiction: CGIS and the team join forces when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is murdered.
6:00 PMModern Family - Fizbo: Claire and Phil decide to plan the biggest and best birthday party for Luke.
6:30 PMModern Family - Undeck the Halls: Cameron and Mitchell take Lily to have her picture taken with Santa.
7:00 PMModern Family - Up All Night: Gloria doesn't like Jay's reaction to the arrival of Manny's father; Phil is rushed to the hospital.
7:30 PMModern Family - Not in My House: Claire finds a dirty picture on the computer and assumes it is Luke's doing.
8:00 PMWWE SmackDown!: Five-way Elimination match: Becky Lynch vs. Tamina vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair.
10:00 PMTeam Ninja Warrior - Qualifying Week 7  : Flip Rodriguez, Geoff Britten and the other captains try to get their teams to the finals.
11:01 PMChrisley Knows Best - Chase Turns 18  : Chase celebrates his 18th birthday, and declares he will not follow house rules anymore.
11:31 PMChrisley Knows Best - Dollars and Sense  : Todd puts Savannah on a realistic budget to help prepare her for the real world.