30 January 2015

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10:00 PMThe Birds: Flocks of birds attack a playgirl, a bachelor and others in a sea town.
12:15 AMSunday in New York: An innocent upstater visits her airline-pilot brother and meets a stranger she tries to seduce.
2:15 AMYoung Cassidy: Dublin playwright Sean O'Casey loves a librarian, sleeps with a chorus girl and meets Yeats.
4:15 AMThe Glass Bottom Boat: Spies follow a PR woman who works for a space scientist and whose father runs a sightseeing boat.
6:00 AMThat Midnight Kiss: A Philadelphia debutante talks her opera maestro into giving a GI tenor a chance.
8:00 AMThe Toast of New Orleans: An opera diva's manager cultivates a singing bayou fisherman suddenly in love.
10:00 AMThe Great Caruso: Born in 1873 Naples, Enrico Caruso earns fame as an operatic tenor and dies in 1921.
12:00 PMBecause You're Mine: A famous opera singer falls for his sergeant's sister at boot camp.
1:45 PMSerenade: A vineyard worker becomes an opera singer in love with a socialite and a Mexican girl.
4:00 PMThe Seven Hills of Rome: An Italian pianist's singing American cousin falls in love with a local beauty in Rome.
6:00 PMFor the First Time: An opera singer with a bad attitude falls in love with a deaf girl who changes his life.
8:00 PMThe Heartbreak Kid: A New Yorker dumps his bride on their Florida honeymoon to chase his dream girl, a coed on vacation.
10:00 PMThe Prisoner of Second Avenue: A New York adman loses his job, falls apart and blames his wife. From the Neil Simon play.