28 October 2016

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11:00 PMThe Invisible Man: The serum that makes a scientist invisible has madness as a side effect.
12:15 AMThe Wolf Man: Bitten by a werewolf, an aristocrat grows fangs, fur and a muzzle, then begs his father for help.
1:30 AMThe Black Cat: Stranded Budapest honeymooners follow a mad doctor to a black-lipped architect's Art Deco manor.
2:45 AMThe Uninvited: A British brother and sister move to a coastal mansion haunted by two ghosts.
4:30 AMIsland of Lost Souls: Maker of bestial mutants plots to mate panther-woman.
6:00 AMThe Devil Doll: A framed Devil's Island convict inherits a process for shrinking living things.
7:30 AMThe Leopard Man: A dancer and a PR man solve killings blamed on an escaped leopard.
9:00 AMBedlam: A portly lord sends an 18th-century London actress to a madman's insane asylum.
10:30 AMBowery to Bagdad: Slip, Sach, Chuck and the rest of the gang rub a magic lamp and meet its genie.
12:00 PMThe Black Scorpion: Two geologists try to destroy a giant scorpion that surfaces after a volcanic eruption in Mexico.
1:45 PMThe Blob: Formless red slime lands in Pennsylvania and engulfs people; teens try to warn scoffing adults.
3:15 PMVillage of the Damned: British parents realize their son is one of 12 evil alien children born in their village.
4:45 PMThe Thing From Another World: Arctic scientists find an alien that feeds on blood.
6:30 PMEarth vs. the Flying Saucers: A space scientist figures out how to down a fleet of alien spacecraft looming over Washington, D.C.
8:00 PMBlood and Black Lace: A masked man with a metal-claw glove stalks models at a couple's fashion salon in Rome.
9:30 PMCarnival of Souls: Unearthly phantoms stalk the sole survivor of a fatal car accident.
11:00 PMIt's Alive!: A couple's first baby emerges with fangs, wrecks the delivery room, then goes after a milk truck.