23 March 2017

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11:30 PMDark Net - Provoke  : The world of Cyberbanging; using social media to brag, conspire and incite violence; women bloggers.
12:00 AMThe Circus: Inside the Biggest Story on Earth - Shocking but Not Surprising  : Airforce One with President Trump; the debate surrounding the healthcare bill.
12:30 AMBillions - Currency  : Chuck has to put his faith in an anxious insider; Axe considers ideas for a quick play.
1:30 AMHomeland - Sock Puppets: Carrie catches a break; Keane makes a plan; Max goes undercover.
2:30 AMNo Country for Old Men: A hunter becomes the hunted after taking money from the scene of a drug deal gone bad.
4:35 AMSXSW Comedy With Natasha Leggero Part 2: Performing comics include Emo Phillips, Sean Patton, Ian Edwards, Kurt Braunohler and Eliza Skinner.
6:00 AMHoop Dreams: Filmmaker Steve James follows the steps of two inner-city-Chicago NBA hopefuls from age 14 to 18.
9:00 AMDudes & Dragons: When an evil wizard ravages the land with an army of dragons, it's up to two brothers to fight back.
11:00 AMChicago: A lawyer handles the cases of two murderous women who are looking to gain celebrity.
12:55 PMUnnatural: Cabin dwellers in the Alaskan wild fight for their lives against a genetically modified polar bear.
2:25 PMThe Salvation: A peaceful settler has to hunt down a notorious outlaw gang alone.
4:00 PMBlue Crush: A maid falls for an NFL quarterback while preparing for an upcoming surfing competition in Hawaii.
5:45 PMSpy Game: A CIA agent tries to rescue his one-time protege who awaits execution in a Chinese prison.
8:00 PMTriple 9: Criminals and crooked cops hatch a devious scheme to use an honest lawman as a pawn for a heist.
10:00 PMBorn to Be Blue: Jazz trumpeter Chet Baker begins a romance with an actress while trying to stage a musical comeback.
11:45 PMBillions - Currency  : Chuck has to put his faith in an anxious insider; Axe considers ideas for a quick play.