29 June 2015

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11:45 PMSexual Wish List: On the verge of a divorce, a babe and her hubby find a steamy way to divide their property.
1:10 AMA Walk Among the Tombstones: A drug lord hires a private detective to find out who kidnapped and killed his wife.
3:05 AMSexually Bugged!: A shapely doctor discovers an unusual creature she dubs a ``sexipede.''
4:20 AMAnnabelle: A vintage doll becomes a conduit for ultimate evil after devil worshippers invade a couple's home.
6:00 AMThe Patriot: A man and his son fight side by side in the Revolutionary War.
8:45 AMTimecode: Improvised stories center around a movie producer, his wife, an aspiring actress and murder.
10:25 AMBlades of Glory: Banned from singles competition, rival male skaters find a way to compete as a pair.
12:00 PMRoboCop 3: The cyborg policeman takes to the air to defend a run-down neighborhood from a Japanese tycoon.
1:45 PMRiddick: Wanted criminal Riddick confronts two teams of mercenaries.
3:45 PMThe Devil's Advocate: After moving to New York, a lawyer and his wife gradually learn his new employer's true identity.
6:10 PMThe Talented Mr. Ripley: One young man begins to assume the identity of another. From a Patricia Highsmith book.
8:30 PMTwo Night Stand: An online hook-up turns into something more after a snowstorm traps two lovers in one's apartment.
10:00 PMBlended: Two antagonistic single parents and their children are stuck sharing a suite together at a resort.