2 March 2015

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:03 PMVikings - The Wanderer  : Lagertha and Athelstan help to set up the Viking settlement; a mysterious wanderer turns up.
12:01 AMAx Men - Don't Cross The Boss: Rygaard logging has started to claw its way back up the log count.
1:01 AMAx Men - Davi and Goliath: Shelby Stanga still doesn't have his jet boat, but fortunately he has his trusty assistant Davi.
2:04 AMLegend of the Superstition Mountains - Curse of the Black Legion  : The hunters come across signs of the mythic Apache Black Legion and become the hunted.
3:04 AMVikings - The Wanderer  : Lagertha and Athelstan help to set up the Viking settlement; a mysterious wanderer turns up.
4:02 AMBody Beast!: Get the most advanced muscle-defining workout program, designed to get you completely ripped.
4:30 AMPrecious Medals and 2015 Silver Eagles with Mike Mezack: Collect the 2015 American Silver Eagles and.999 fine Silver Bars with your host Mike Mezack.
5:00 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
5:30 AMNuWave Oven: Cook healthy, hearty meals from fresh or frozen in half the time with the NuWave Oven.
6:00 AMClash of the Gods - Beowulf: A real Norse warrior may have been the inspiration for the epic poem ``Beowulf.''
7:00 AMCities of the Underworld - Prophecies From Below: Delving into Jerusalem's subterranean landscape reveals roots of the city's prophecies.
8:00 AMCities of the Underworld - Hitler's Trenches: World War I's trench warfare helped shape Germany's Adolf Hitler.
9:00 AMCities of the Underworld - Scotland's Sin City: Edinburgh, Scotland: body snatchers, illegal distilleries and castle dungeons; host Eric Geller.
10:00 AMCities of the Underworld - Alcatraz Down Under: Australia's past had convicts transported from Britain, gold miners and outlaws.
11:00 AMCities of the Underworld - Dracula's Underground: The mysteries of Vlad the Impaler lie beneath the city of Bucharest, Romania.
12:00 PMCities of the Underworld - Underground Apocalypse: Evidence of the apocalypse in Jerusalem; sacred stone.
1:00 PMCities of the Underworld - Secret Soviet Bases: Host Don Wildman digs into the subterranean world of Cold War secrets in Ukraine.
2:00 PMCities of the Underworld - New York: Secret Societies: Gangs, mob bosses, covert groups and secret societies of early New York City.
3:00 PMSwamp People - Lightning Strikes: Hurricane Isaac hammers the gulf coast; the foul weather leads to infighting and accidents.
4:00 PMSwamp People - Sabotaged: Duck hunters begin to cause chaos for the swampers; a team abandons their boat.
5:00 PMSwamp People - Down Goes the King: Swampers begin to doubt their ability to tag out; a season-ending injury.
6:00 PMSwamp People - Blood Runs Deep: Swampers look to repair their relationships; an injury takes down a legendary hunter.
7:00 PMSwamp People - Twister Trouble: To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a life threatening decision to head deep into the swamp.
8:00 PMSwamp People - Feast or Fawn: One team goes into a dangerous canal in hopes of catching a bounty winning gator.
9:00 PMSwamp People - Pirate of the Bayou: A team goes after a one-eyed gator; Another hunter engages an aggressive bull gator.
10:03 PMAppalachian Outlaws - Snakes and a Plane  : Tony Coffman has one more day to produce his midseason total of 1,000 pounds.
11:03 PMGangland Undercover - Going Under  : Charles Falco infiltrates the notorious Vagos biker gang; an invitation is dangerous.