7 October 2015

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11:32 PMCounting Cars - Floodpocalypse Now  : Danny tries to score an ex-police motorcycle without getting busted; a water main breaks.
12:01 AMCounting Cars - Major League Muscle  : Roli completes his electric car; a family truck for MLB pitcher Matt Mantei.
12:31 AMCounting Cars - Trail Blazer  : Del Bryant has a Blazer with which he wants to pay tribute to his Tennessee roots.
1:01 AMCounting Cars - Bucks & Broncos, Part 1  : A 1967 Ford Bronco; a 1950 Harley Davidson; a 1966 Corvette Sting Ray.
1:31 AMCounting Cars - Bucks & Broncos, Part 2  : Danny has a customer ready to buy the1967 Ford Bronco he's restoring.
2:01 AMCounting Cars - You Never Forget Your First Z28, Part 1  : Danny is asked to find and build a 1979 Camaro Z28; the project turns into a nightmare.
2:32 AMCounting Cars - You Never Forget Your First Z28, Part 2  : Danny's fight with a nightmare Z28 continues, as he puts it though endless fabrication.
3:04 AMCounting Cars - GT Oh My My  : Danny turns a 1967 GTO into a world class muscle car; Danny tries to buy a classic Mercury.
3:33 AMCounting Cars - Floodpocalypse Now  : Danny tries to score an ex-police motorcycle without getting busted; a water main breaks.
4:02 AMFanDuel one-week fantasy football: How to play, compete and win: Get an inside look at what it takes to win on FanDuel - one-week fantasy football for real cash.
4:30 AMTummy Tuck: Miracle Nonsurgical Discovery Melts Away Belly Fat: Miracle belly fat melting discovery. 10 minute method done at home melts away tummy fat.
5:00 AMLong Live YOU with the world's 1st Nutrition Extractor, NutriBullet RX: Nourish the body from the inside out with things found in nature, not made in a lab. NutriBullet RX.
5:30 AMNatural Back Pain Relief in Just Minutes a Day!: Millions of people found back pain relief with Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables. For just $14.95.
6:00 AMDr. Ho Relieves Back Pain: Order the decompression belt today to help get fast relief from your aching back pain.
6:30 AMLooking for a Medicare plan? Tune in now!: Watch and learn about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
7:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - The United Shapes of America  : Unique American values that make up the nation; how the map has shaped Americans.
8:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - The Great Plains, Trains and Automobiles  : Why Chicago could have been in Wisconsin; why are states out West so big and boxy; Forgottonia.
9:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - State of Rebellion  : Why Montana looks like it took a bite out of Idaho; why Texas was broken up; two Carolinas.
10:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - A River Runs Through It  : A mistake by the Founding Fathers affects the Georgia-Tennessee border; Maine's abundance of water.
11:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - Force of Nature  : How an asteroid created the border for three states; how glaciers altered the map.
12:00 PMHow the States Got Their Shapes - Mouthing Off  : Why southern accents didn't exist until after the Civil War; California athletes coin new words.
1:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Gordon's Gold Mine: Mike and Frank find the holy grail of picking; the guys scour the inventory of a family picking duo.
2:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Pinball Mania: Mike and Frank dig through a building of dead coin-operated games; pop culture pinball machines.
3:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Backroad Samurai: A man moves his collection to a motel in North Carolina; Frank gambles on a samurai artifact.
4:00 PMAmerican Pickers - The Royal Risk: The guys gain access to Bill's massive south Florida stockpile; century-old Royal Pioneer motorbike.
5:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Dani Smells a Rat Rod: Mike and Frank meet an octogenarian artist; the guys visit a sprawling junkyard.
6:00 PMAmerican Pickers - London Calling: The guys haggle over an iconic red phone booth; the guys excavate a wall of junk.
7:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Alien vs. Picker: An eccentric man commands Mike and Frank to buy; rare cars; a freestyle shop in Kentucky.
8:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Thunderdome: Mike and Frank encounter a motorcycle legend ready to clean out some of his stock.
9:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Good & Evel: An Evel Knievel super-fan shows some of the legendary daredevil's most personal items.
10:00 PMAmerican Pickers - From Coupe to Nuts: Mike and Frank are unwelcome visitors while freestyling in the Northeast.
11:03 PMAmerican Pickers - Grin and Bear It: A mega stash that includes a meteorite and a room full of branding irons; Bear's sprawling junkyard.