29 July 2014

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11:03 PMIn Search of Aliens - The Hunt for Atlantis  : Giorgio A. Tsoukalos looks at recent discoveries related to the story of the lost city of Atlantis.
12:01 AMPawn Stars - New Old Man: A Confederate children's schoolbook reports to the shop. Find out how the guys score.
12:31 AMPawn Stars - Put Up Your Nukes: A seller claims to have a cover for a thermonuclear warhead; a mandolin.
1:01 AMIce Road Truckers - Into the Vortex: A storm delivers deadly driving conditions as the truckers struggle to deliver their loads.
2:01 AMIce Road Truckers - Snow Bound
3:04 AMIn Search of Aliens - The Hunt for Atlantis  : Giorgio A. Tsoukalos looks at recent discoveries related to the story of the lost city of Atlantis.
4:02 AMPortable Cooktop: Faster, Safer and more Eco-friendly Cooking.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMNuWave Oven: Cook healthy, hearty meals from fresh or frozen in half the time with the NuWave Oven.
6:00 AMFree NutriBullet! Discover the secret to a longer, healthier life!: Buy 1, get 1 Free! Learn how the NutriBullet can help you feel better than you have in years!
6:30 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
7:00 AMCajun Pawn Stars - All Jazzed Up  : A drummer's pad signed by Satchmo; Prohibition-era whiskey bottles; World War II Inglis pistol.
7:30 AMCajun Pawn Stars - Knocked Up  : An African fertility chair; a pair of WWI Army knives; 1971 Fender Precision Bass guitar.
8:00 AMCajun Pawn Stars - Jimmie's Increasingly Bad Day  : The team checks out an antique horse race gambling machine; a rare Martin guitar; bar-on-wheels.
8:30 AMCajun Pawn Stars - Donkeys and Dollars  : Pairs of $5,000 and $10,000 bills; 1930s Bonnie and Clyde model Ford; herd of donkeys.
9:00 AMCajun Pawn Stars - Fire Sale  : The guys check out a 1975 Mac Fire Truck; Sherman Necktie; a classic 1950s popcorn machine.
9:30 AMCajun Pawn Stars - Yankee Magic  : Tracy Lawrence tries to sell his 1920s Martin guitar; mechanical bull; Cajun hot tub.
10:00 AMAmerican Restoration - Cooler Kings: Rick plans to convert a 1950s Coke cooler into a hot-dog grill; a broken-down barbers pole.
10:30 AMAmerican Restoration - Suds and Duds: A 1967 Honda Scrambler motorcycle arrives at the shop.
11:00 AMAmerican Restoration - Jackpot: Rick and his team restore a Prohibition Era slot machine; a 1940s Pepsi cooler is overhauled.
11:30 AMAmerican Restoration - Suck Up: The team attempts to service an antique railroad vacuum; a client requests a red wagon restoration.
12:00 PMAmerican Restoration - Secret Fan: A client cruises in with a 1960s go-kart; Tyler conspires to fix up a 1950s fan for Rick.
12:30 PMAmerican Restoration - The Big Move: A client hefts in a 1900s penny scale from the Santa Cruz boardwalk; 1930s Taylor Tot walker.
1:00 PMAmerican Restoration - Restoration Rivalry: A pair of vintage scooters are brought into the shop; 1940s candy vending machine.
1:30 PMAmerican Restoration - Cannonball Safe: Rick and his guys restore a colossal 1920s cannonball safe; vintage farm tools.
2:00 PMAmerican Restoration - Planes and Flames: A replica of an F-105 fighter jet; a unique Buffalo Forge Grill is brought into the shop.
2:30 PMAmerican Restoration - Pests and Pins: A 1950s bowling equipment vending machine is brought in; a 1900s antique copper pest sprayer.
3:00 PMAmerican Restoration - American Respiration: A 1937 iron lung is brought into the shop for a restoration; a prank war breaks out.
3:30 PMAmerican Restoration - Gone to Pieces: A customer brings in a 1964 Ducati motorcycle in a basket; a 1960s Gatling gun arcade game.
4:00 PMAmerican Restoration - Search Part-y: Rick is hired to repurpose a retro cigarette dispenser; a rare 1950s pedal bulldozer.
4:30 PMAmerican Restoration - Un-Kniev-able: A vintage arcade game; Ron bargains with a bar.
5:00 PMCounting Cars - Buggin' Out  : Danny invests in a vintage dune buggy; the crew tries to salvage a DuVall windshield.
5:30 PMCounting Cars - Framed  : Horny Mike discovers a coveted bike frame on private property; last-minute creative change.
6:00 PMCounting Cars - You Talkin' to Me?  : Danny gets sidetracked by a lady in a pink Beetle; a Hollywood icon confronts Horny Mike and Roli.
6:30 PMCounting Cars - Rockabilly Roadster  : Danny and the boys give away a perfect hot rod at the Rockabilly Reunion at Lake Havasu.
7:00 PMCounting Cars - Super Nova  : Danny builds a tribute car that honors the rare Yenko Nova for a charity auction.
7:30 PMCounting Cars - Haunted Hog  : A `73 Chevy Blazer tribute; a New Orleans-based haunted hotel owner wants a creepy bike.
8:00 PMCounting Cars - Major League Muscle  : Roli completes his electric car; a family truck for MLB pitcher Matt Mantei.
8:30 PMCounting Cars - Danny Takes the Heat  : Danny buys fire-damaged '78 Lincoln; Danny and Horny Mike find a Cadillac limo in a driveway.
9:00 PMCounting Cars - Mustang Memories  : Danny visits the Shelby Heritage Center to gain inspiration for a job.
9:31 PMCounting Cars - Hog Wild  : Danny hosts a car show at his club to generate business.
10:03 PMDark Horse Nation - Hops to It  : Aaron develops a new brewing device to make the brewery more profitable.
10:33 PMDark Horse Nation - Shackin' Up  : Aaron designs a mobile ice shanty to use while fishing; the old bottling machine breaks down.
11:03 PMBiker Battleground Phoenix - Respect  : Chaos descends at Arizona Bike Week; Yaffe, Kody and Jenkins put their reputations at risk.