2 September 2015

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11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Slicer: Kramer buys a meat slicer; Jerry's date considers his job meaningless.
12:00 AMFriends - The One With Two Parties: Rachel's separated parents unexpectedly attend her surprise birthday party.
12:30 AMFriends - The One With the Cooking Class: A food critic blasts Monica's cooking; a cute saleswoman riles Rachel when she flirts with Ross.
1:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Slave: Marie accuses Ray and Debra of turning Ally into a slave when they start giving her chores.
1:30 AMFamily Guy - Fresh Heir: Chris becomes the heir to Carter's fortune but refuses to accept the money.
2:00 AMRules of Engagement - House Money: Audrey tries to convince Jeff that they should use the money he made for something fun.
2:30 AMAmerican Dad - Rapture's Delight: Stan is furious when he cannot get a good seat at church; Francine tries to ease his frustration.
3:00 AMGimme a Break - Nell's Birthday: As a birthday gift, Joey alters Nell's birth certificate so that it appears she's a year younger.
3:30 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Pool Sharks Git Bit: Romeo and Bullethead get taken by two lady pool sharks.
4:00 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Going, Going, Gone: Steve fills in for Regina's charity bachelor-auction.
4:30 AMThe Jeffersons: Black family moves into an apartment building on Manhattan's East Side.
5:00 AMLocal Programming
9:00 AMMaury - I Know You Cheated on Me With Your Brother ... Test Them Both!: Tontalana believes that her hotel-chef husband has been sleeping with the guests.
10:00 AMMaury - 2 Angry Moms ... 2 Babies ... Is Alonzo the Father?: Georden says his brother's ex-girlfriend is trying to pin a baby on him.
11:00 AMJerry Springer - WCW: Women Crushed Wednesday: Paige tries to make her boyfriend forgive her for cheating by offering him a threesome.
12:00 PMJerry Springer - Striptacular: Guests confront romantic rivals; a woman who won a stripping contest shows off her skills.
1:00 PMThe Bill Cunningham Show - Furious Females Confront Their Lovers!  : Women full of rage want to prove their partners are cheaters.
2:00 PMThe Bill Cunningham Show - Sister, Sister ... You Slept With My Mister!  : Guests who think their sisters are sleeping with their men.
3:00 PMThe Steve Wilkos Show - I Check My Man, I Know He's Cheating: Bria says she received a text from a mysterious woman claiming to be pregnant by Bria's boyfriend.
4:00 PMThe Steve Wilkos Show - 5-Week-Old Dies ... Was Mom Neglectful?: After Lecia lied to police about her infant's death, people began to suspect she was the culprit.
5:00 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMCelebrity Name Game
7:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - Help Daddy Find His Toenail: Charlie's girlfriend is embarrassed to be seen with him; Jake sneaks out to go to a concert.
7:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - Our Leather Gear Is in the Guest Room: Charlie and Alan butt heads over Alan's place in the house.
8:00 PMAmerica's Next Top Model - The Guy Who Gets a Hickey: As romance blooms, an argument breaks out; photos without retouching make some models feel insecure.
9:00 PMA Wicked Offer - Wurst Taste Scenario  : An engaged couple hoping to buy a house could win cash if they complete scandalous tasks.
10:00 PMLocal Programming
11:00 PMSeinfeld - The Wallet: Jerry tries to explain the absence of a watch his parents gave him.
11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Betrayal: Elaine drags Jerry and George to a wedding in India; Kramer's life is threatened.