7 December 2016

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Mango: Jerry learns Elaine pretended to enjoy their intimacy; Kramer is banned from a fruit store.
12:00 AMFriends - The One With Joey's Award: Joey resorts to theft when his ``Soapie'' nomination doesn't yield a legitimate win.
12:30 AMFriends - The One With the Jellyfish: Phoebe learns her mother's identity; Ross makes a decision about Rachel.
1:00 AMLast Man Standing - Adrenaline: Mike realizes how much he misses the adrenaline rush he used to get from his adventures on the road.
1:30 AMLast Man Standing - Baxter & Sons: When Mike's younger brother and father visit, a sibling rivalry ensues.
2:00 AMCrime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen - Teen Love Triangle; Free Mac Phipps  : A popular high-school girl kills her love rival; a rapper fights to prove he was wrongly convicted.
3:00 AMCelebrity Name Game
3:30 AMRules of Engagement - Buyer's Remorse: Jeff and Audrey offer to recommend Adam and Jennifer to the co-op board of their apartment building.
4:00 AMRules of Engagement - The Big Picture: When Russell's mother cuts off his trust fund, he moves in with Timmy.
4:30 AMThe Honeymooners - Pardon My Glove: Ralph finds a man's glove in the apartment.
5:00 AMLocal Programming
9:00 AMMaury - Mom ... The Test Will Prove Your Boyfriend Is Cheating Again!: Cheree learns that her boyfriend makes a living by preying on desperate women he meets online.
10:00 AMMaury - Stop Pinning Your Baby on My Twin ... He's Not the Dad!: Keith loves his girlfriend but has no intention of raising a child who is not his.
11:00 AMJerry Springer - Crazy Cousin Crushes: Ivory's years of being mean to her cousin have come back to haunt her.
12:00 PMJerry Springer - Snowed In Sex: Jay admits to cheating on his girlfriend with a woman who wants to take it to the next level.
1:00 PMCrime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen - Death by Salt; Deadly Vacation  : A woman poisons her 5-year-old son with salt; police are accused of covering up a man's death.
2:00 PMThe Robert Irvine Show - Help! I Put My 15-Year-Old on Probation  : A mother feels her teen is out of control.
3:00 PMThe Steve Wilkos Show - I Would Never Sleep With Your Sister: A woman who wants to start a family fears that her man has been cheating.
4:00 PMThe Steve Wilkos Show - Scandalous Allegations: Former teacher Asma denies having a sexual relationship with an underage student.
5:00 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMCelebrity Name Game
7:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - He Smelled the Ham, He Got Excited: When Evelyn offers to pay for Jake's college education, Alan wonders if he ever needs to work again.
7:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - One Nut Johnson: Alan helps Walden create a new identity so he can avoid women who are only interested in his money.
8:00 PMDC's Legends of Tomorrow - The Chicago Way  : The Legends are led to 1927 Chicago, where they realize they've been set up by the Legion of Doom.
9:00 PMSupernatural - Lotus: Lucifer lands in the White House, where the president unknowingly makes a deal with him.
10:00 PMLocal Programming
11:00 PMSeinfeld - The Junk Mail: Jerry agrees to perform for a car company in exchange for a new car.
11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Glasses: George buys effeminate glasses; dog-bite victim Elaine thinks she has rabies.