22 July 2017

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11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Block Buster: Doug's memories of his glory days as a football player don't match those of his old teammates.
12:00 AMThe King of Queens - Frozen Pop: Arthur moves into the upstairs bedroom when cold weather forces him out of the basement.
12:30 AMThe King of Queens - Party Favor: Carrie convinces Doug to be the best man for his cousin, and helps him organize the bachelor party.
1:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Finale: A brief complication after minor surgery forces the Barones to consider life without Raymond.
1:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Pilot: Debra yearns for nothing more than a peaceful birthday at home with her husband.
2:00 AMYounger - In the Pink  : Liza and Kelsey dive back into the dating pool and quickly discover how complicated it is.
2:36 AMRoseanne - Busted: Dan tries to reunite Becky and Mark; Roseanne learns Darlene and David are in Chicago.
3:12 AMRoseanne - David vs. Goliath: Roseanne tries to calm things down when Dan goes into a rage over David and Darlene's relationship.
3:49 AMRoseanne - Everyone Comes to Jackie's: Jackie's house buzzes with activity as Roseanne tries to hide David from Dan.
4:21 AMRoseanne - Don't Make Room for Daddy: Roseanne becomes involved in a family feud as Fred sues Jackie for custody of their unborn child.
4:54 AMRoseanne - Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Roseanne has a close encounter of a different kind when she goes to a gay bar with Nancy.
5:27 AMRoseanne - Labor Day: Roseanne tries to limit Fred's participation when Jackie goes into labor.
6:00 AMRoseanne - Past Imperfect: When Dan's father (Ned Beatty) misses an alimony payment, he and Roseanne argue about covering it.
6:36 AMRoseanne - Lies My Father Told Me: Roseanne helps Dan understand his dad's lying about his mom's mental state.
7:12 AMRoseanne - I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep: D.J. makes Roseanne feel guilty for keeping a mistaken delivery.
7:48 AMRoseanne - Body by Jake: Bev moves in after breaking her pelvis at the retirement home.
8:24 AMRoseanne - Isn't It Romantic?: Dan turns to a soap opera for help in an attempt to rekindle the romance in his marriage.
9:00 AMRoseanne - Altar Egos: Egos clash when Jackie and Fred can't make a decision about marriage.
9:36 AMRoseanne - Nine Is Enough: Space limitations prompt Dan and Roseanne to boot Becky and Mark.
10:12 AMRoseanne - Two for One: Pregnancy gives Roseanne and Dan problems; Darlene dates another guy.
10:48 AMRoseanne - Snoop Davey Dave: Jilted David's revelation about Darlene shocks Dan and Roseanne.
11:24 AMRoseanne - Girl Talk: Dan does not like Roseanne meddling in Becky's marital problems.
12:00 PMRoseanne - Sleeper: David reveals the woman who appeared in his racy dream, disquieting all.
12:30 PMRoseanne - Follow the Son: Roseanne is jealous of Dan's new bond with D.J.; David dislikes Darlene's new beau.
1:00 PMRoseanne - Punch and Jimmy: Roseanne and Jackie visit Darlene at college; Dan referees fights at home.
1:30 PMRoseanne - White Men Can't Kiss: Dan and Roseanne struggle with D.J.'s reluctance to kiss a girl in the school play.
2:00 PMRoseanne - Maybe Baby: As Dan and Roseanne await word on her pregnancy, he feels left out of the decision-making process.
2:30 PMRoseanne - Rear Window: Dan and Roseanne see too much of their neighbors from the bedroom window.
3:00 PMRoseanne - My Name Is Bev: Bev winds up in AA after a drunken driving arrest, but a Super Bowl party tests her resolve.
3:30 PMRoseanne - Bed and Bored: Roseanne feigns illness to get some rest, but then she tires of the special treatment.
4:00 PMThe Golden Girls - End of the Curse: Blanche fears she may be pregnant, but is actually going through menopause.
4:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Ladies of the Evening: Dorothy, Rose and Blanche are mistakenly arrested for prostitution while vacationing in Miami Beach.
5:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Take Him, He's Mine: Dorothy begs Blanche to go out with her ex-husband, but gets jealous when the couple hits it off.
5:30 PMThe Golden Girls - It's a Miserable Life: A neighbor dies shortly after having a heated argument with Rose.
6:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Isn't It Romantic: Dorothy's friend, a lesbian, falls in love with an unsuspecting Rose.
6:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Big Daddy's Little Lady: Blanche has trouble dealing with her father's plan to marry a much younger woman.
7:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Family Affair: Rose's daughter and Dorothy's son visit their mothers at the same time.
7:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Vacation: Rose, Blanche and Dorothy take a vacation at a resort that is not all it is cracked up to be.
8:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Joust Between Friends: Dorothy is laid off from teaching and finds work at the same museum where Blanche is employed.
8:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - I Love You: Debra gets mad when Ray's problem with showing affection for her becomes a family matter.
9:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - I Wish I Were Gus: Ray hopes his eulogy for Uncle Gus will resolve a family feud.
9:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Standard Deviation: Robert's psychology project stirs Ray's and Debra's competitive streaks.
10:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Look Don't Touch: Ray must convince Debra of his innocence after a waitress at Nemo's catches his eye.
10:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Frank the Writer: Frank gets a few anecdotes published in Reader's Digest and wants his own newspaper column.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens - Frozen Pop: Arthur moves into the upstairs bedroom when cold weather forces him out of the basement.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Party Favor: Carrie convinces Doug to be the best man for his cousin, and helps him organize the bachelor party.