27 November 2014

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMDrake & Josh - Pilot: Two very different boys discover that they are about to become stepbrothers.
12:00 AMRugrats - Candy Bar Creep Show; Monster in the Garage: Stu and Didi build a haunted house; mysterious things happen in the garage.
12:30 AMRugrats - Weaning Tommy; Incident in Aisle 7: Tommy refuses to drink from a glass; Tommy takes a wild ride through the supermarket.
1:00 AMRugrats - Touchdown Tommy; The Trial: Angelica wants Tommy's chocolate milk; Tommy's clown lamp is broken.
1:30 AMRugrats - Fluffy vs. Spike; Reptar's Revenge: Spike is blamed for Fluffy's mischief; at a carnival, Angelica leads a wild chase.
2:00 AMRugrats - Graham Canyon; Stu Maker's Elves: The rugrats foil unscrupulous mechanics; Tommy and Chuckie explore Stu's workshop.
2:30 AMRugrats - Toy Palace; Sand Ho!: Chuckie and Tommy are locked in a toy store; the Rugrats pretend to be pirates.
3:00 AMRugrats - Chuckie vs. the Potty; Together at Last: Chuckie conquers the potty; Phil and Lil are separated for fighting.
3:30 AMRugrats - The Big House; The Shot: Tommy engineers a day-care prison break; Tommy gets a booster shot.
4:00 AMDegrassi - Hollaback Girl: Drew vacillates about his relationship with Katie; Alli gets Dave into an embarrassing situation.
4:30 AMDegrassi - In the Cold of the Night: Fiona and Imogen try to organize a Degrassi event; Clare is overwhelmed with a new project.
5:00 AMDegrassi - In the Cold of the Night: Fiona's plans begin to crumble; Clare is torn between her project and her past.
5:30 AMDegrassi - Come as You Are: Drew is prepared to end things with Katie; Claire is happy to see Eli.
6:00 AMDrake & Josh - Dance Contest: Drake steals Josh's dance partner for the upcoming dance contest.
6:30 AMDrake & Josh - Steered Straight: Audrey and Walter fear that the boys will fall in to a life of crime.
7:00 AMVictorious - The Worst Couple: Jade and Beck make discoveries about their relationship while helping Sinjin with his game show.
7:30 AMVictorious - Andre's Horrible Girl: Tori notices some changes in Andre when he dates an overbearing girl.
8:00 AMVictorious - Car, Rain & Fire: Cat talks Tori and Jade into holding a vigil when her favorite actress dies; Trina directs a play.
8:30 AMZoey 101 - Coffee Cart Ban: The students search for ways around the ban on coffee carts enacted by Dean Rivers.
9:00 AMZoey 101 - Roller Coaster: The physics teacher decides to take the class on a field trip to ride a roller coaster.
9:30 AMZoey 101 - Welcome to PCA: Zoey and Dustin attend their first day at Pacific Coast Academy.
10:00 AMVictorious - Tori & Jade's Play Date: Tori and Jade act as a married couple; Cat and Robbie start a bad news delivery service.
10:30 AMVictorious - The Gorilla Club: Tori tests herself by performing unusual physical challenges; Andre and Robbie lose a bet to Jade.
11:00 AMBig Time Rush - Big Time Tests: Logan brings Carlos along to the MCAT test as his good luck charm.
11:30 AMBig Time Rush - Big Time Cartoon: Executives pitch a children's cartoon show to the band; the boys decide to make a video game.
12:00 PMNed's Declassified School Survival Guide - Music Class; Class Clown: Ned and Cookie must learn how to play a musical instrument; the class clown moves out of town.
12:30 PMNed's Declassified School Survival Guide - Failing; Tutors: Ned must do well on all of his final exams; Ned must find a tutor in order to avoid summer school.
1:00 PMNed's Declassified School Survival Guide - Double Dating; Last Day of School: Ned goes on a double date to the final dance of the year; Cookie cleans out his locker.
1:30 PMZoey 101 - New Roomies: Zoey moves to a new room because her roommates are constantly fighting.
2:00 PMZoey 101 - Defending Dustin: Zoey confronts the school bully, who is forcing Dustin to do his homework.
2:30 PMZoey 101 - The Play: Logan is cast in the lead role for the school play, opposite Zoey as his love interest.
3:00 PMVictorious - Driving Tori Crazy: A movie shoot causes a traffic jam that interferes with Tori's morning commute.
3:30 PMVictorious - How Trina Got In: Andre, Jade, Cat and Beck talk about how Trina got accepted into Hollywood Arts.
4:00 PMVictorious - Crazy Ponnie: Tori makes friends with a strange new student who seems to disappear around other people.
4:30 PMVictorious - April Fools Blank: Tori is distracted by trying to avoid pranks and becomes oblivious to strange events.
5:00 PMBig Time Rush - Big Time Break Out: The boys are told that boy bands always break up after their third album.
5:30 PMBig Time Rush - Big Time Tour Bus: The boys travel to their next gig on their tour bus.
6:00 PMBig Time Rush - Big Time Crib: The boys try to improve their apartment by bringing the games and gadgets from a soundstage there.
6:30 PMZoey 101 - Webcam: Logan concocts a plan to spy on the girls.
7:00 PMZoey 101 - Jet X: The kids shoot a commercial for a new scooter.
7:30 PMZoey 101 - Spring Fling: The Spring Fling planning committee.
8:00 PMZoey 101 - Prank Week: The girls are caught trying to retaliate during prank week.
8:30 PMZoey 101 - Quinn's Date: In hopes of initiating a spark of chemistry, Zoey organizes a date between Quinn and her crush.
9:00 PMZoey 101 - Backpack: An employee of the PCA bookstore steals Zoey's backpack prototype.
9:30 PMZoey 101 - School Dance: The school dance committee implements an experimental personality-based partner selection process.
10:00 PMTeenNick Top 10: Music video countdown.
11:00 PMDrake & Josh - The Bet: Drake bets Josh that he can go longer without junk food than Josh can go without video games.
11:30 PMDrake & Josh - Movie Job: Josh and Drake both get jobs at the movie theater; slacker Drake gets promoted.