27 May 2017

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11:03 PMSay Yes to the Dress UK - Squabbling Sisters  : Bringing a sister to a bridal consultation proves tricky for Josie and Lydia.
12:03 AMNate & Jeremiah by Design - Global Coast  : Nate and Jeremiah turn a demolished house into the ideal beach bungalow for Kelly and Jason.
1:03 AMNate & Jeremiah by Design - Happy Hour  : Fiancs Alex and Tom inherited their home, but weren't aware of the burden they were taking on.
2:04 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Not Your Mama's Dress: Krystle shares the spotlight with her mom; Afrodite and her mother have never agreed about fashion.
2:32 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Sister, Sister: Katie is convinced to ditch her jeans and cowboy boots; Courtney's looking for a flashy ball gown.
3:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And an Aircraft Carrier  : A Halloween pumpkin party; country chic nuptials; an aircraft carrier venue with cupcake bouquets.
4:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Wax Museum  : Jen's retro-chic wedding is at a historic bar; Brook's party is at a wax museum.
5:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Candle Bar  : Melissa and her groom share a Hollywood inspired affair; Laura has a waterside wedding.
6:00 AMFour Weddings - ... and a Pizza Delivery  : A hotel wedding; a Rock Star themed bash; religious beliefs; a martini bar reception.
7:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Giraffe  : Hawaiian-themed reception; Afghan heritage; a swan dress; zoo nuptials.
8:00 AMFour Weddings - ... and a Yellow Brick Road  : Micaela mixes a unity cocktail at the altar; Karina is roped with a Mexican wedding lasso.
9:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And an Army Salute  : Kathy's Coney Island bash showcases New York; Amanda gets a very special Army salute at her wedding.
10:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Surprise Bride  : A surprise World War II themed wedding; a flash mob dance; bridesmaids in white.
11:00 AMFour Weddings - ... and a Rockin' Harmonica  : Vintage candelabras; personalized drink stirrers; an art house theater; a glass covered garden.
12:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Mouthful of Blue  : Ivory's theme leaves guests with something blue; Felicia wears a pageant gown.
1:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Rock Club  : Rooftop nuptials; a museum affair; 800 guests at a ballroom reception; guests rock out all night.
2:00 PMLittle People, Big World - Navigating Pregnant Life: The family gathers to learn the gender of Zach and Tori's baby; both Matt and Amy navigate romance.
3:00 PMLittle People, Big World - Twinning Through Life: Jeremy and Audrey surprise the family with big news; Zach and Tori leave town for a weekend.
4:00 PMLittle People, Big World - Just Take It as It Comes: Amy struggles to define her relationship with Chris; Zach realizes he needs a new job.
5:00 PMLittle People, Big World - All the Unknowns: Zach and Tori's vision of their family is forever changed by sudden tragedy and unexpected news.
6:00 PMReturn to Amish: Extra Chapter - From Here to Maternity  : Abe and Rebecca boycott the baby shower that Mary throws for Sabrina; with bonus scenes.
8:00 PMReturn to Amish - Chasing Raber  : Mary supports Sabrina at a custody hearing for her baby; Carmela leaves Jeremiah after an argument.
11:05 PMReturn to Amish - Chasing Raber  : Mary supports Sabrina at a custody hearing for her baby; Carmela leaves Jeremiah after an argument.