5 July 2015

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11:00 PMLockup - Long Island: Extended Stay - Blue Balloons: Stories of a couple don't add up; a contraband smuggler returns; a visitor is placed under arrest.
12:00 AMLockup - Tulsa: Extended Stay - The Bad Good Friday: Murderous shooting spree erupts on a religious holiday; a new inmate catches the staff's attention.
1:00 AMLockup - Tulsa: Extended Stay- Brother Against Brother: The arrest of two brothers in the murders of four women.
2:00 AMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
3:00 AMSex Slaves in America: Millions of women worldwide are bought and sold as sex slaves.
4:00 AMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
5:00 AMFirst Look: The day's live news coverage.
5:30 AMWay Too Early: Getting a jump on the day, from news and politics to sports and pop culture.
6:00 AMMorning Joe: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski & Willie Geist offering interviews with newsmakers and politicians.
9:00 AMThe Rundown With Jos Daz-Balart: Top political stories of the day.
11:00 AMNewsNation: Tamron Hall provides context and informed perspectives on the stories making headlines.
12:00 PMAndrea Mitchell Reports: Interviews with political figures with host Andrea Mitchell.
1:00 PMMSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts: Latest news of the day.
3:00 PMThe Cycle: Conservative Abby Huntsman, author Tour, correspondent Ari Melber, former candidate Krystal Ball.
4:00 PMNOW With Alex Wagner: Forces driving the day's stories.
5:00 PMThe Ed Show
6:00 PMPoliticsNation
7:00 PMHardball With Chris Matthews
8:00 PMAll In With Chris Hayes
9:00 PMThe Rachel Maddow Show
10:00 PMThe Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell
11:00 PMAll In With Chris Hayes