6 February 2016

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMNeon Joe, Werewolf Hunter - Bark Bark Yum Yum  : Neon Joe takes extreme measures to help Sheriff deal with his past.
12:00 AMThe Eric Andre Show: TV host Jimmy Kimmel; rapper Tyler the Creator; HEALTH performs.
12:15 AMTim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job - Handsome: Tim and Eric argue about who is more attractive.
12:30 AMAqua Teen Hunger Force - Couple Skate: The Aqua Teens must escape or pay the rent for October.
12:45 AMSquidbillies - Squidbilly Manfishing: Sheriff and Rusty search for Early at Lake Okaleechee.
1:00 AMSuperjail - The Budding of the Wurbuxx: The inmates don't love the warden's Monthly Movie Matinee.
1:15 AMMetalocalypse - Religionklok: A near-death experience leaves Murderface searching for greater meaning.
1:30 AMBob's Burgers - Crawl Space: Linda's mother visits; Bob gets stuck in a wall while trying to repair a leak in the roof.
2:00 AMBob's Burgers - Sacred Cow: A documentary filmmaker tries to makes a statement by placing a live cow outside the restaurant.
2:30 AMFamily Guy - I Dream of Jesus: Peter searches every record store in Quahog for his favorite song, and runs into a familiar face.
3:00 AMChildrens Hospital - Sy's Tenure: When Sy gets tenure, he wants to use his influence to build a consumer jetpack.
3:15 AMNewsreaders - Headless Football Player; Identity Thief  : A profile of a young athlete who overcame a rare disability to fulfill his dream; an identity thief.
3:30 AMNeon Joe, Werewolf Hunter - Bark Bark Yum Yum  : Neon Joe takes extreme measures to help Sheriff deal with his past.
4:00 AMThe Salad Mixxxer
4:15 AMYou're Whole - Lemonade, Fishing, and Cupcakes  : Randall Tyree Mandersohn solves your financial struggles; pro bass fishing.
4:30 AMSuperjail - The Budding of the Wurbuxx: The inmates don't love the warden's Monthly Movie Matinee.
4:45 AMMetalocalypse - Religionklok: A near-death experience leaves Murderface searching for greater meaning.
5:00 AMThe Cleveland Show - All You Can Eat: Cleveland Jr. gets the confidence to approach a girl after Roberta gives him a makeover.
5:30 AMKing of the Hill - Cheer Factor: Peggy overcomes an obstinate coach to lead the cheerleading squad.
6:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Legendary Sandwich; Pie Bros  : Raven sends the other Titans to the ends of the universe; Beast Boy takes a job at a pie shop.
6:30 AMTransformers: Robots in Disguise - Some Body, Any Body  : When Sideswipe is left powerless, he must learn that he cannot always rely on his physical prowess.
7:00 AMPokmon: XY - The Moment of Lumiose Truth!  : The long-awaited Gym battle between Ash and Clemont is off, and their training is put to the test.
7:30 AMNexo Knights: The Book of Monsters - The Book of Monsters, Part 2 
8:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Hey Pizza!; Gorilla  : Beast Boy and Cyborg try to slow the pizza delivery boy; Beast Boy takes over while in Gorilla-mode.
8:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Burger vs. Burrito; Matched  : Cyborg and Beast Boy face off about food; a computer dating program matches up Beast Boy and Raven.
9:00 AMThe Tom and Jerry Show: The world's most famous cat and mouse duo carries out more non-stop slapstick battling.
9:30 AMBunnicula - Mumkey Business 
9:45 AMBunnicula - Walking Fish 
10:00 AMWabbit - Bugsfoot; Grim on Vacation 
10:15 AMWabbit - Carrot Before the Horse; Trunk With Power 
10:30 AMBe Cool, Scooby-Doo! - If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime  : Fred visits The Vault, a haunted, high security prison that no convict has ever escaped from.
11:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Serious Business  : The team learns what a bathroom is really for the hard way.
11:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - Caramel Apples  : When Raven does not get Trigon a gift for Father's Day, he arrives to wreck Earth.
11:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Yearbook Madness; Hose Water  : Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to create a yearbook for the Titans; inner children.
12:00 PMClarence - Time Crimes  : Clarence thinks he can manipulate time and given an ultimate choice.
12:15 PMClarence - Suspended  : After Clarence and Sumo are suspended for a week, the boredom makes them want to return to school.
12:30 PMSteven Universe - Log Date 7 15 2  : Steven sneaks a listen to a friend's audio diary.
12:45 PMSteven Universe - Arcade Mania  : When Steven takes the Crystal Gems to Funland Arcade, Garnet is enticed by video games.
1:00 PMWe Bare Bears - My Clique  : Chloe has a hard time connecting with her classmates, so the bears show her how to make friends.
1:15 PMWe Bare Bears - Our Stuff  : The bears try to recover the possessions that were stolen while they played basketball.
1:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Authority; The Virus  : Granny Jojo's overprotective nature endangers the Wattersons; Darwin and Teri are attacked.
2:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Cat's Fancy  : Robin decides to become a cat so that Starfire will finally love him.
2:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - 40 Percent, 40 Percent, 20 Percent  : Robin reads the Titans fairytales in order to teach them valuable life lessons.
2:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Dude Relax; Laundry Day  : Beast Boy teaches Robin how to goof off and relax; things escalate quickly when the gang bickers.
3:00 PMClarence - Breehn Ho  : After making Breehn feel left out while playing a pirate board game, the boys must rescue him.
3:15 PMClarence - Nature Clarence 
3:30 PMSteven Universe - The Return  : A giant green hand appears in the skies above Beach City, the herald of a new danger.
3:45 PMSteven Universe - Jail Break  : Steven and the Gems attempt an escape from their enemies; Steven discovers a secret about Garnet.
4:00 PMWe Bare Bears - Viral Video  : The bears believe they can make a viral video, but Nom-Nom disagrees.
4:15 PMWe Bare Bears - Chloe  : Chloe spends time with the bears to research them for a presentation.
4:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Procrastinators; The Shell  : Gumball and Darwin avoid taking out the garbage; Penny's shell is cracked open.
5:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Terra-ized; Artful Dodgers  : Beast Boy believes that Terra is his new girlfriend; the Titans believe they will win.
5:30 PMWe Bare Bears - Brother Up  : When Panda scares away a pack of wolves, the heirarchy of the bears is disrupted.
5:45 PMWe Bare Bears - Food Truck  : When local food options disappoint the bears, they open a food truck.
6:00 PMRegular Show - Win That Prize
6:15 PMRegular Show - Laundry Woes: Mordecai wants to give Margaret her sweater back.
6:30 PMRegular Show - Snow Tubing
6:45 PMRegular Show - Silver Dude: Mordecai and Rigby become street performers to earn money for a video game.
7:00 PMAdventure Time - Summer Showers
7:15 PMAdventure Time - You Forgot Your Floaties: Finn and Jake storm Magic Man's house to rescue his new apprentice.
7:30 PMAdventure Time - President Porpoise Is Missing: Jake and Finn try to find President Porpoise before Vice President Blowfish takes over.
7:45 PMAdventure Time - Be Sweet: A fed up Lumpy Space Princess leaves the woods for a glamorous career in babysitting.
8:00 PMDragon Ball Z Kai - There Is Planet Earth, Father!; Frieza and King Cold Strike Back!: Frieza's body is rebuilt in order to eradicate life on Earth.
8:30 PMKing of the Hill - Dale Be Not Proud: Dale is the only one who can save Hank's hero, NHRA driver John Force.
9:00 PMKing of the Hill - Apres Hank, Le Deluge: Hank must save Arlen during a flood; Bill enjoys newfound confidence as an emergency leader.
9:30 PMThe Cleveland Show - A General Thanksgiving Episode: Holt uses Rallo to pick up women; Cleveland opens a pub at the airport.
10:00 PMThe Cleveland Show - Menace II Secret Society: Cleveland confronts Kenny West about not sharing credit on the hit song they created together.
10:30 PMAmerican Dad - You Debt Your Life: Roger moves out of the house after an argument with Stan and is quickly replaced.
11:00 PMFamily Guy - Baby Not on Board: The Griffins go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but one of their own gets left behind.
11:30 PMFamily Guy - The Man With Two Brians: After watching ``Jackass,'' Peter and the guys film their own pranks.