27 March 2017

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10:00 PMAnchors Aweigh: Two sailors on leave in Hollywood help an actress get her big break.
12:30 AMShow Boat: The captain's daughter marries a gambler who turns performer on a Mississippi riverboat.
2:30 AMThat Midnight Kiss: A Philadelphia debutante talks her opera maestro into giving a GI tenor a chance.
4:15 AMTwo Sisters From Boston: Sisters liven up a Bowery saloon, until their rich family finds out.
6:15 AMJulius Caesar: Shakespeare's Brutus, Cassius and others plot the Roman ruler's death, but Mark Antony avenges it.
8:30 AMCleopatra: The queen of Egypt loves Caesar and Mark Antony.
12:45 PMRome Adventure: An art student, his ex-girlfriend, a librarian and a local charmer cross paths in Italy.
2:45 PMRoman Holiday: A young princess, tired of her constraints, runs off with a U.S. newsman in Rome.
4:45 PMThe Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone: An ex-actress widow falls in love with a young gigolo in Rome. From the Tennessee Williams book.
6:30 PMWhen in Rome: A priest on a pilgrimage tours Roman cathedrals with an escaped convict posing as a priest.
8:00 PMThe Three Faces of Eve: A psychiatrist treats a Southern housewife with three personalities.
9:45 PMWilson: Woodrow Wilson goes from Princeton to the White House and promotes the League of Nations.